Full Momentum - then ... nothing!

I feel like I haven't been around forever, when I haven't had a chance to catch up to my blogging friends blogs in just a few days. So, I'm back!

Y'all, this sucks. Time off... I had hurt my calf on Thursday, Friday, I took a rest (real rest day). Then, because my calf was still in pain, and it was recommended that I not run, or elliptical, or bike. So, that leaves swimming - and I can't do that because the KICKING got me into this mess. Friday morning, I called the neuromuscular massage guy that was highly recommended by Reuben (at the Y), and my friend, Robin and unfortunately, he was out of town, so we set up an appt for today at 11:00. Anyway, sat was Drill weekend, and what a crap day at the reserve center it was. I won't go into details... and bore you. David and I took off to Columbia, SC for his triathlon right after drill, got down there and had some pasta for supper. Sunday was another early morning. It was a nice venue that they had set up. I won't go into all the details of the tri, as David does here. It was a great event, and David is getting faster and faster as each one passes by, but, if you know David - he won't be happy until he's on that podium.

So, today, I went to have my calf massaged out, even though it has gotten much better over the weekend. I still kept my appt. Good thing, too because I still have a knot in there that's pretty tight. I'm going back next week to try to get it fixed finally. I was told no running, until maybe wed, and was told that it should be easy.

So, I went to the pool and decided to do laps (no kicking) and use a pulley. My thought process, was to focus on breathing and arm technique. I did my normal 500 yds (16:17), then went on to do 30 min total, and ended up doing 9 more laps for total of 950 yards (total time 30:18). It was a fantastic swim for me, breathing was easy and I watched arm form. I felt great to go beyond the normal routine of 500 yards and get in somewhat of some endurance.

I was doing so well (for me) at working out, continuously, with only 1 rest day in between every 5, then this happened and brought me out of commission for 3 days. Hopefully, I'm back. Thanks for all the kind words about my weight loss. I really appreciate it, and honestly it's been such a hard road for me. Unfortunately, I'm up a couple of lbs due to the inactive weekend, and us eating out several times. Oh well! No excuses. I'll loose it all this week plus some.

Tomorrow, I think I will do 30 min of core, mild strength training (high reps/low weights) for upper body only, and I'll do a little cardio on the elliptical. I'll definately take it easy. Then do a 3-4 mile on wed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


jay_say said...

So glad it's feeling better... hope the massage helps and gets rid of the rest after the next one. I know how massages feel in general... I have another one scheduled for next weekend - thx to my family.

David said...

Glad you weren't too stubborn to take a break, so you can get back on your feet soon. I probably wouldn't slow down, and would pay for it in the long run. Remind me of that if it happens to me! :-)

Thanks for supporting me in the races and being a great wife. You will reach your goals and we will stay young for a long time.

Wes said...

Don't sweat the forced rest days, girlfriend. With a knot like that you were liable to tear something if you weren't careful. So now, you are a smart(er) endurance athlete too :-) We naturally flatten our feet out when we swim, which stretches the calf muscle. This may be the origination of your knot. Some swim fins might help here, not for kicking, but to help you keep your feet level behind you.

Every once in a while, I like to see how long I can swim too. Ain't it great :-)

Gotta Run..... said...

Great seeing you yesterday. Sorry I was so spaced out at first :).

I am glad you are listening to your body and seeing Brad for treatment. I love Brad! Not like I love Scott :).

With all of these swim workouts you are going to do fantastic at the Tri in August.

Marcy said...

Awwwhhhhh bummer on the calf, I know it's hard sitting on the sidelines but it's definitely for the best and good for you, not pushing it!! I hope the massage man (the one that doesn't do happy endings :P ) works some wonders for you! Let us know who it goes!!

Pfffffttt don't sweat the weight stuff, we all have down times :) It's not an all or nothing thing, you'll be back on track in no time ;D