Recovery Run

Last night, I took Jeni's spinning class at the Y. I've heard of Jenny, the enthusiastic, work your butt off, coach. This was my only 2nd class in spinning. I decided, with the encouragement of my friend, Robin, to take her class. It was challenging, but it's one of those classes you come out of sweating hard, feeling a huge sense of accomplishment in the exercise realm. I woke up this morning, expecting to be a little sore. To my surprise, there was none!


What started out this beautiful afternoon in the upstate (64 degrees, thank you) for me was a run, that I wanted to be a run with a purpose - intervals, or tempo. However, on up the hill in my neighborhood, my legs were full of lead - or at least that's how it felt. So, this run quickly turned into a recovery run. It was tough. I know that it was hard, due to the spinning last night, but, my body will get used to back-to-back workouts like that. As I entered my 2nd mile, this run was not going to get the best of me -picked my pace up, ending with a strong finish.


David said...

I hate that helplessly lethargic feeling when you are really amped for a good run or ride. Takes all my spare effort to motivate me just to finish, let alone push hard.

Good for you on knocking it out anyway. I wanted to turn around at the entrance to the neighborhood too!

Tiffany said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hello! I was perusing the other new members of the Complete Running Blog Family. I am a SC gal (Charleston!) that is also training for Chicago.

Happy trails!