5 days of exercise... and counting!

I've been doing some consistent exercising to my body for 5 days in a row, going on 6 today. Now, I do know this isn't new to a lot of people, but, for me it is (this time around, anyway). That's not to say I've never done 5 days in a row before, but, while training for the MB half, I ran every other day so I had a lot of days off from "PT" (that's what we call it in the Navy). So, I've been feeling great, not much soreness.

I'll start with 5 days ago...
Saturday - Ran 7.1 with friend Jason
Sunday - Cycled 7.1 with Jason
Monday - swim - 600 yards (I'm slow)
Tuesday - Run 3 miles, 50 curl-ups
Wednesday - Cardio Circuit - 5 min treadmill, 25 squats (12 lbs), 25 Lunges (12 lbs), 10 min elliptical, 25 squats (12.5lbs), 25 lunges (12.5lbs), 10 min treadmill, 100 curl-ups

And today, I'm running 4 or 5 miles (intervals), depending on how I feel.

I know I need a break and will get that tomorrow and Saturday, as I won't have the option of running. My husband, Grace and I are driving to Paris Island, SC tomorrow for David's first of many sprint triathlons. We're excited! I think he's going to do well on it!

American Idol
Congratulations to Chris Sligh for making it through last night! I was thrilled to see him make it and look forward to seeing him sing next week.


teacherwoman said...

I thought Chris did well too, but i was sad to see brandon leave. I would have thought someone else would have been kicked off before him! Oh well, I guess if you don't vote, you can't complain! Hehehe

jeanne said...

five days is awesome! keep it up!