3 Miles - I didn't want to do....

So, today was my scheduled running day. I try to run Tues, Thurs, and Sat or Sun. And, in order to get my other workouts in, I really need to stick with my schedule. Anyway, this afternoon, David took off for his run. When he returned, and asked me if I was going to run, I said "I don't feel like it". After his suttle persuation, I changed and laced up. I wanted to just get it over with tonight, so - 3 it was. Everything was against me - not wanting to do it, new shoes (my shin splits were my hint), a little hot and windy, but - It turned out beautifully. It was one of those runs that you just don't want to do, but ends up feeling great! Don't you just love those types of run?

Grace has a new thing she's doing lately. She gets so excited for anything she does without our help and yells "I did it" with such a huge smile. From the mouth of my daughter, "I did it".

My next run is Sunday, I'm doing 11-12 miles with my friend/co-worker, Jason.

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David said...

I'm not too subtle in persuasion, contrary to what Mendy says. She said she was contemplating running (while clearly not, fussing around the kitchen), and I replied, "Yeah, I hear there's a new marathon training technique, where you contemplate doing it..."

I'm glad it worked, though, because the weather couldn't have been much better for a run.