Hump Day workout(s)

Yesterday I got out running again. The last time I ran was thursday. I didn't do my long run this weekend, due to getting back in town late from the Tri. So, I did 5 on my lunch hr (or hr 1/2 :-) and it felt good. I still want to keep my weekly running miles from 15-20 Max, (actually, more around the 15 than the 20) until training starts back in June. I don't want to burn out on runs. So, I took this one nice and easy - a fat burning run... Need it!!

Today was a full activity day for me. My lunch break was spent at the Y swimming, or shall I say - looking like I was attempting this sport. I'm not much of a technique swimmer, but, with time, I'll get better - hopefully. I did 500 yards, all the while my husband did 1100 yards. Yes, I'm admitting that. Anyway, everyone has to start somewhere, right? I am going to take an adult swim class for preperation for triathlons this summer. Overall, it felt great, and I'm going to be tracking it along with my runs, just so I can one day in the future see my improvment.

After work, I got into the highly demanded cycle class by Jeni. This was my 2nd class (w/her) and I love it. It's so intense as long as you follow her instructions on tensity level. It's a great feeling when you push yourself past that comfort level - it's so worth the pain getting there. So, all in all - I'm exhausted. I'm laying here in bed just finishing watching AI and watching my daughter fall into dreamland. She's so sweet!

In her words, "I a tired monkey".


jeanne said...

i love spinning! well, love and hate it. the best part is when it's over and you know you've done your best.
and thanks for the nice comment! Good job on the swim too. One day, i'm going to get back in the pool and get SERIOUS!

Neese said...

Hi Mendy, do you work in Greenville? Maybe sometime we could meet for lunch and run, that might be fun. Sorry I'll miss you this weekend. And, btw congrats on your boy Chris, Top 10 is excellent!