Time for dieting

Since I've just completed my Half-marathon on Saturday, it's now time for me to turn my focus on weight loss. When I started my training program, I was told over and over and even read about it in Runner's World & online that while training, it's hard to drop weight. I'ts not impossible, but since I wanted to improve my running and times, I had to put "weight loss" on the back burner. My husband kept telling me this in the beginning, but I thought I could still do it. I had wanted to continue to loose weight while training, but, had to eventually come to grips that it was either going to be very little weight loss or none at all, and shift my focus. It's very important to fuel your body for those long runs so, you end up burning what you fueled it with, basically. To do both 100% effectively, is hard. Okay, so "they" were right about that. It didn't take me long to shift focus to training, and not worry about the scale as much.

Well, training is over (for now, and until Jun). These next 3 months will be focused on weightloss, so I can go into Marathon training strong and 20 lbs lighter which will be better for my training anyway. I will do various exercises to include swimming, cycling outside, spinning, aerobics, strength training (legs), and of course continue running.

The week after my half, I was advised by my friend, Robin (she's a runner), to take it easy - no running, do some walking or swimming. Easy stuff not hard on the legs. This weekend will be my first run.

It's funny... because I haven't exercised since my race on Sat, and I've already dropped 3 lbs. Amazing! Anyhoo, I walked for 30 minutes at lunch today and it felt good. It was hard not to want to start running, but, my legs need this short break. I enjoyed it.

My weight goal is 2 lbs a week, which is what is recommended. I know I will achieve it, considering I want to be healthy, stronger, and lighter come June.

Have a wonderful day!

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Neese said...

Hi Mendy, thanks for introducing yourself! I will bookmark your blog! I just registered for the March 24th Shamrock run. Maybe some race we could meet too, that would be great. Good luck with your dieting. And congrats on finishing the half!