Our redneck evening - thank goodness for tinted windows

This afternoon my husband, David, daughter - Grace, and I went to Carolina Triathlon. It's a local triathlon store that David has to visit at least once a week. To get what, I don't know... but, luckily for us, we feel welcomed when we visit. He would live there if he could. Well, our visit just happened to be 1 hr after they closed. We thought they closed at 6. Earlier, David had rode there on his bike from our home and decided to buy more running shoes, so we had to stop by and get them. Ben let us come in and get them, even though we were late. Well, while we were there, I smelt someone that needed a diaper change but, didn't want to overstay our welcome, so I said I'd change her when we got to Target.

We pulled into Target parking lot and I got Grace out of her seat and as I did, I smelt something really bad from her back end. I had sat her on my arm, looked at David and said "Is she leaking", which he replied "all over your arm". I had a sweater on. I put Grace down, and just didn't know where to begin. Luckily for me, I had a tank top on under my sweater, so I took it off. We started striping her down (in the parking lot), shirt off, pants off - then we layed her down in the trunk of David's car to change her diaper. David finished, while I was cleaning her carseat. After her diaper was changed, he put her down. She still looked cool with her sunglasses on (It was 8:30pm - she likes to wear them no matter what time of day), shoes and socks on - of course with a diaper. David takes his shirt off to put on her, so she doesn't get too cold. I'm standing there with a tank top on, and he has no shirt on. We were off....redneck style....

Thank goodness for tinted windows.

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