Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon ---- done!

Well, I can say I've accomplished 13.1 now. I'm still on a runner's high about my weekend.

We left for MB at lunchtime friday and had a nice drive down with some serious congestion just outside "the beach". After we all got to the townhouse, which by the way, my husband and I's room was up 2 flights of stairs, we left for the expo. This was the largest expo I've seen and bought some "runner's" stuff...

We decided to top the evening off with a spaghetti dinner at the townhouse, instead of eating out. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we hit the sack for a 5:00am wake up... Yes, 5:00. Crazy, I know.

All the anticipation for the upcoming morning couldn't allow me to get some shut-eye. I woke up quite often. But, it didn't show as I started the run.

We started at 0630 in the morning and the temp was 26 degrees. It was COLD. But, luckily we only hung out at the start for about 20 min. before the gun went off. The first few miles of getting warmed up, I was pacing faster than I expected, but didn't slow down after I realized it. I've been known in my runs to slow down after looking at the watch if I'm running faster than what I thought. I stopped for water at mile 4, 8, and 10. About mile 6.5, I stopped at a restaurant for a potty break, which slowed me down, of course. The course was great! It was some turns in the beginning, but once we got to Ocean blvd, it was straight for a long way, then we went back the other direction on another street. It was nice!

This run was so great, from beginning to end. All 13 miles felt good, strong, and no pain at all. I loved every minute of it, and took it all in. Coming down the aisle at the end of the race, when the announcer said my name, was a feeling like none other. My official time was 2:19:19, although, I actually ran it in 2:15 (because of my br break). I'm pleased with my time, and the feeling afterward! I look forward to my next Half!

(Larry, Shelley, Melissa and the fatty on the right is Me)

After the run, showers, and a little rest, we all went to the Outlet to do a little bit of walking to help our legs, hint, hint. That's the excuse we used, we actually wanted to SHOP! Then later on, we went to dinner and relaxed. It was a nice finish to a wonderful day!

On sunday morning, my husband did the metric century bike ride (63 miles). They started at 7:30, but ended up having 18 mph winds throughout the ride. Even though he's a little disappointed with the ride, wind, and how he's feeling at this moment (still very sore), I'm very proud of him. He rode for like 3 1/2 hrs, in the wind and cold. He said he couldn't feel his fingers for several miles in the beginning. He did an excellent job, especially under those conditions!

My cyclist - David

We topped our weekend off with a delicious pizza and headed home from MB!

Chicago Marathon will be next step on my running ladder Oct 7, 07.

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