Back in the game

Last week I commented on my walk at lunchtime. It was supposed to be an easy walk at a fast pace, only 30 min. It was, but that afternoon, my tail-end was hurting so bad. Stairs were the enemy that day. But, by the weekend I felt better.

Sunday, I was scheduled to run 3 easy miles to get back in the game. Well, I woke up, went to Church (had nursery duty), then went to the service with my hubby, and we went to eat lunch. It was a dreary, rainy, pitiful day. There is no explanation but, from the time I woke up Sunday until I went to bed, I was in a bad mood. That evening, David said "you need to go run". Ah - ha.... that's it (possibly).

I think that was it. Monday morning I was telling Robin what he said and she said I could have been suffering from post-race blues. It had been over a week since I ran... so, at lunchtime I laced up for an easy 3 miles.

I had a good run overall - a little heavy feeling, and some soreness in my left leg. It's to be expected. But, It felt wonderful.... and my mood was all of a sudden - better.

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