Circuit training today

Lunchtime is a time I take advantage of and instead of sitting down to eat a lunch, I'll hurry home, or in this case - to the gym to get in my workout. Since starting this 20lbs weight-loss plan, I have walked once, and ran once. Now is the time to change things up and shock my body. I used a circuit plan that was given to me by Robin (thanks, pal). It had a choice of circuits to choose from. I chose and completed this one.
5 min - treadmill
25 squats (12lb weights)
25 lunges (both legs w/weights)
10 min - elliptical
25 squats (10lb weights)
25 lunges (same)
10 min treadmill
100 crunches
I added 20 push-ups (because I need to improve this for my military fitness test)

It felt wonderful and am looking forward to doing more of these. Also, I noted that I took it too easy on the treadmill. I need to increase the pace on it.

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