I sooo wanted to steal Lisa's blog title from the other day for my post today, but decided not to. I'm counting on her picking me up at the AZ airport in Jan. ((big smiles)) Don't want to ruffle her feathers, just yet. :-) Love ya, Lisa. Here's another dose for you....

Lunch Today - 4.2 miles (43:08)

So today, Wow! Why do we do this to our bodies? The running. For me, there is probably 1 out of 10 runs that actually have me smiling at the end, and today was my 1. Those other 9 are so worth this feeling. Whether it be training for a race, loosing weight, just trying to be active, getting fit - whatever it is - it does keep us "running" along. I don't think I got the "Runner's High". Haven't had one of those in a while. Regardless, it felt terrific!

I have 6 miles scheduled for today (well, it was for yesterday - see post). But, I blew it off. I've done 2 runs in 1 day before, so I thought I'd try it again. David did one of those the other day. Since darkness sets in so early, I thought I'd give it a try and set out up my neighborhood hill (45degrees, 6-8mph wind), and took off. I have some things on my mind and I just rolled with it. My legs felt great, my breathing was under control, and my stride was short. Awesome! Before I knew it, I was 2.10 miles into the 3 mile run, and this was my turn-around point. I don't normally do anything over 3 for lunch, because there's just not enough time. So, I did my 4.2, went to the sandwich shop, got my lunch and was back to work. Digits aren't where they were before my slouching on the couch back in Sep/Oct - However, I'm improving.

1 - 10:25
2 - 10:28
3 - 10:19
4 - 10:14
(.2 mi) - 8:32 - Folks, it was only 2/10 of a mile.

After work today, I'll finish my 6, with a short 2 miler in the dark, then get ready for my drill weekend - blah.

We're helping friends move this weekend into their new home that was just finished building. I know they are excited. Grace has a birthday party to go to, and I have drill. David just finished his 8 on the 8th, 1 day off. I will do my 8/8th, on the 9th. We have a full weekend ahead.

So, we are in the Christmas season here at work and that means 1 thing in our department ---- Roseanne-style Christmas! 2 yrs ago, our former boss wanted to decorate our office in some of the most hideous, non-matching, trashy Christmas decorations. Some of the decorations are cute ALONE. However, with all of it combined, not matching - not even (like placed over the door evenly), etc - it just look likes we have NO taste whatsoever. That yr, we went with it, then last year, people were visiting our area to see this demonstration, so we had to live up to their expectations. We're late at getting started and a co-worker started today. We had a manager come visit, asking me (because I'm the ONLY one here right now) where oh where are our lovely decorations. She told me she'll be back to visit Monday to check out our progress. So, co-worker did some and I'm finishing the job. Oh what fun! I am here all by myself. Boss left early, 2 others at our other building, and 1 other left for the mountains (how lovely).

Bummer, I can't surf the net right now - I'm actually swamped with work. There is a new store opening next week and I'm remotely working with a vendor on getting some of the machines up. We're having DNS/IP conflicting problems between the machines. You know - techie geek crapola. No kidding, I've talked to this guy, Rich, probably 35 times today and 25 of those times have been after lunch. It has taken me all afternoon to write this post. I will probably even work over...

Upcoming racers this weekend: Neese has a 5K "over the river and through the woods". She's gonna PR it, I know! Randy has his Honolulu Marathon this weekend as well. Sucks to be him running in one of most beautiful places in the US. NOT! Take lots of pictures ya'll!!

Ta-Ta - have a lovely weekend!


Eric said...

Improvement is the KEY! Race against YOU and only YOU! Thank you for serving our country! I talked to my friend James Crout who's going to be out there this weekend too! Have fun!


J~Mom said...

If you want to borrow titles or even whole posts from me then borrow away. :>) Glad your run felt good! I love that!!!!

Marcy said...

WHOOOO HOOO!!! I'm glad you had a great run ;D ;D

Dannnngg you're a busy busy bee!

Nancy said...

I'd kill for those splits and that feeling after! Love those kind.

Jess said...

Good job on the 4. Too bad we're not close to each other, we run a similiar pace!

Wes said...

Hope you had a great 8 today :-) and a great weekend, despite the drill :-)