Not totally "not" working out

Does that makes sense? Probably not.

So, this week hasn't been a complete waste. Rundown:

David DID (even though I thought he wouldn't at all) take me to dinner Monday night for my Birthday to High Cotton, a fabulous low-country (Charleston style) restaurant here in the upstate. Tiffany, yes we have one here too! and it's only been open a short period of time and probably on the most expensive prime real estate in our downtown. I LOVED it. Nice surprise. I thought I was going over to my friend's house for our girls Church group get-together, but David and my good friend, Jennifer, had other plans. She watched Grace for us. Great atmosphere, ambiance, seating, company, wine and don't forget some of the best food!

Despite my previous post of probably NOT working out monday, I did do a Tae Bo Amped video and Yes, it kicked my arse several times, over. So much so, popped video #2 in there Tuesday at lunch. I enjoy them. They're high intensity and works cardio + strength. Really great, and can feel the good soreness in my limbs.

Today at lunch, I hopped on my bike on the trainer in our man-lair for a 30min ride. Have no idea what the pace was, think I managed to reset the computer as I was trying to get it off the bike. Good ride, I did some intervals, played with my gearing, and managed to have some crotch pain, not the type of crotch pain Marcy talks about. LOL. I just gotta get used to the saddle and will do so. I wore my new Hincapie bike shorts David bought for me, ooops, I mean, Grace gave me as a gift. For my birthday gift, David bought me this "Crazy Girl" jersey I've had my eyes on for about a month. Cute, Huh?

Tonight I will either do the Tae Bo Core video or my Pilates video for some core. I really want to go to the pool, but am avoiding it until my head clears up. My head is completely stopped up with this head cold, I still haven't gotten over.

This weekend, David is doing his first triathlon since the accident, the Pickens Tri. It's a short sprint, and probably not a huge entry race. He'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

Yes, I know - B-O-R-I-N-G.... Ta-Ta


Jason The Running Man said...

Nice jersey! Glad the b-day was good. Sorry I haven't called to rant just been slammed with classes and junk over here at IP. I will be over at the Annex sometime tomorrow to help Jo with a few things so I'll stop by to get my normal harrassing from the crew!:) Have fun!

David said...

The best part of the dinner was, of course, the company. Glad you enjoyed it, and it was nice to surprise you.

Wes said...

Very cool, shirt. Love it!

J~Mom said...

Glad you had a good birthday! I love the jersey!! So cool, I need one!

Marcy said...

YAY!!! I'm glad you had a GREAT B-day!! Awwwhhhh David you did good ;D And Grace too!! That's a cute jersey!!

I'm also thrilled to see you have a pic of YOU up in your avatar!! You look great chica!! ;D

teacherwoman said...

happy birthday by the way. And I think the new jersey is hot!

Nikki said...

Great dinner, great company...and well great gifts ;) I hope you had a great dessert too !!

Jess said...

Maybe you have a sinus infection?

Unknown said...

Did you know that the inventor of the Tae Bo workouts, Billy Blanks, his mother and sister were both at Julie and my wedding? A little trivia for you. They are friends of my mother-in-law. They are a great family.

You keep that up and you will be on one of those Fitness USA contests where they are all jumping all over the place.

Gotta Run..... said...

LOVE the new jersey!! It rocks! David did great.

Did you get my birthday message earlier this week? Scott is back from China now...thank goodness!

Love the new picture of Grace.

Bob - said...

Glad u had a nice B-day, cool shirt & now u can get a signed copy of tae bo video from Chad-lol

ahhhh life is good huh :-)

Have fun this weekend David, glad ur back on the course again...can't keep a good guy down for long...enjoy!

and great gift Grace :-) kids are so smart!

Lori said...

I am loving that jersey! Too cool! Those workouts sound great. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tiffany said...

Yall got a High Cotton up there too? I love that place... a mint julep there always does me right :)

Did I hear yall are coming down to the Lowcountry? I thought of you the other night when I was at a bar downtown, smoking a cigar with my bridesmaid dress and flip flops on. You just can't hide class!