Ready to "tri"?

That's the question...

But FIRST & Foremost... THANK YOU ALL OUT THERE!!! for the kind words and well wishes on David getting better. He is healing quite well, and as each day passes the pain gets to be less. You've seen me write it before, but his accident could have been much worse and it is a blessing how it turned out. We went to the crash site today and it would have been a huge drop had he'd gone over the side of the wall of the bridge, which BTW was only like 2.5 feet tall. You all have been sooo sweet, and sorry it's taken me this long to get back online. I've been quite the busy lady caring for my family, work, getting ready for my 2wks away, etc.

I'm really not ready, for my triathlon in 4 days. Obviously, I've had a rough week, and through all that - have only worked out twice: Mon - it wasn't "tri" related. No running/swimming/biking. I actually did an advanced step aerobics class. I had contemplated that, but thought "I should get on the bike, then treadmill". But, when I got there - I realized quickly that I didn't have my spandex on, and even on those gym upright bikes - it hurts without the spandex. So, did the aerobics class. Now, I've done these classes so many times, but just not recently and you could really tell. I left a few mins before we got to the cooldown, and hit the treadmill for only a mile. I was getting short on time - with my doped up husband at home with the toddler.

Today - I went to the pool after work for a quick 450yd swim. (well, I'm not quick in the pool)... 50yd w/u, 450yd - 11:10. I could really tell I haven't been swimming in a while. It took me a while to get into a groove. But, glad I found the time to do it.

So, I'm not ready to do this triathlon - but, I'll do it anyway. I know I can make it through each event, but put them all together - at the same time, and all the crap I've got to take with me. I have no idea what I'm doing... I think David will help with that. Need to make a list, and start getting stuff together. I also need to go for a run sometime tomorrow or friday, just to get my legs moving more.

Anyway, I'm exhausted, and need to turn in. I've sort of caught up with your blogs so feel much better now.



Michelle said...

Glad to hear that David is on the mend! I bet the past week has been really hard for both of you.

Even though you don't feel ready for the tri, I bet you will do a lot better than you think you will. Positive thoughts! :-)

I think I will add your blog to my running reads.

Wes said...

You're ready, girl. Maybe not as ready as you'd like to be, but you'll do just fine. I worried about Dee Dee on this last tri, but she did awesome, and so will you. High fives to hubby :-)

Marcy said...

I agree with Wes!! You're ready!!! Maybe not as ready as you'd like to be but you'll be FINE!! ;D ;D ;D And I think it's wonderful that you're still doing it even with the incident and your ever crazy work/school/nursing/Mommy schedule. You're a tough one!

I'm excited for you!!! Don't forget to have fun!!! ;D

Lori said...

I'm with the rest. You will do great! And just the time you do the next one, maybe you will have had more time to prepare and blow your time away ;) Either that, or look at the past couple weeks as a really good! I can't wait to hear all about it, Mendy!

Bob - said...

Zero that Focus in now Mendy cause it's so close.. "You ARE READY!!"
(even if u have to trick that mind a little bit)

only thoughts U should have now is
"I am Ready to toe that line and will
have fun & will do my best"

HAve a great race & Congrats on being READY ;-)

Jess said...

Good luck with the upcoming tri: just take it one part at a time, and you'll be fabulous!

Unknown said...

I've seen so many cases of people who got sick, busy, whatever the week before a race and be unable to train only to go out and have the best race of their lives. If you were going to have a week where you couldn't workout, the week before the race is perfect! You should be well rested, you couldn't have improved your fitness in this last week and that last swim should really help you get your feel early in the race. Be confident and enjoy! You will do great!

teacherwoman said...

I know you can do it! I can't wait to hear about the race!!!

Jason The Running Man said...

Hang in there Mendy! You will do fine! I'm glad that each day is getting better for ya'll. Hope work is going ok!?!:)

Gotta Run..... said...

You are ready Mendy! It is amazing how you body just knows what to do the day of the race.

Looking forward to yelling at you :)

Nikki said...

I'm glad your here and updating us..ITA it could have been worse..and sooooo Glad it wasn't!!!

I'm sure that because David was in such EXCELLENT shape is why he is healing and recovering so well! That and the loving support of his wife!!

I'm excited to hear how your tri goes and wishin you luck and enjoyment!!

(((Mendy))) It sounds like a really tough week.

Thinking of you!

J~Mom said...

It's almost here!!!!!!!!!! You ARE ready and you are SO going to rock it!!!!!! I know it's been a rough couple of weeks...hopefully David is feeling much better soon!!!

GO MENDY!!!!!!!!!!!

rxervin said...

So the tri was yesterday, right? Where's the update? Where's the pics?

We need info, woman!