just thoughts

A few things on my mind.

Bloggin' - Gosh, I just seem to have been taking advantage of having my own blog lately, and haven't put in some quality time reading what you all are doing in your lives. When I feel so disconnected from you all, I truly miss you. That said, I'm finally caught up.

Beginner Triathlete - LUV it. I really enjoy going to it and putting in time I'm working on my body, training my body for the next race, etc. It's just a great sense of accomplishment. It's my log and I learn so much about myself and my improvements in my disciplines by looking at it and looking back on it. And, not to mention - I can stalk Lisa and her training.

The gym - I usually am not a gym rat, probably never will be but last night, I hopped on the ole' elliptical for an hr, then decided to do some chest/arms weight workout. As I was laying on the bench during sets, with my eyes closed, listening to my "pump me up" music, I was at peace. I don't know how to explain it.

Olympics - Every year, I seem to be loving them more. It's inspiring to see what they have gone through to get to where they are and finally seeing dreams come true. What an awesomeness! On that subject, isn't Dara Torres unbeleiveable? Just W.O.W. That woman is simply amazing. I just watched the medal ceremony for Michael Phelps first Gold medal. Seeing his Mom in the stands during his last lap of that race was priceless.

I got on the elliptical again today but only for 12 minutes while at the Reserve center before it was time for us to muster for quarters. I didn't feel that I got a workout at all, so after I got home I went for a fast walk. I'm not much of a "walker" but have to take it all in stride (no pun intended) during my setback with my shins. So, during this "no running" phase of my training, I'm resorting to walking and trying to welcome it. I did 4.11 miles in an hr. Not too shabby.

Tomorrow is drill again. I'm tired. I watched the Olympics last night very late and am up W-A-Y later than normal for me to watch the swimming right now. Oh well. I have a ride scheduled for tomorrow and looking forward to getting on the bike.

Have a great weekend, people! chit-chat with ya later on.



Lily on the Road said...

Sounds like you are getting in some great workouts...an Hour on the eliptical....yikes, good for you!!!

Wes said...

Wow. Speed walker!! It's all good. Stay active. Give the shins time. You will be back, stronger than before!

I always enjoyed drill so much... not!! LOL!!!

Gotta Run..... said...

You are a runner at heart so when walking is the only option it must be hard. You will be back at it really soon.

I am right there with you on the Olympics!!!

Kevin said...

The Olympics has been great so far, between Torres and then Phelps trying to get the record for the number of medals.

Its great you are at least able to push yourself walking since it doesnt bother your shin

David said...

I think you should explore other methods of raising your heart rate and burning calories. You know, in the interest of cross-training!


J~Mom said...

I think David is right, renting scary movies is great cross training!

Unknown said...

I've been loving the olympics too.

This year I've started to embrace the gym. Never tried the elliptical, though.

Carly said...

Great workouts!

I love the Olympics too but some of the "sports" are wacky (table tennis). I LOVE the track and field, swimming, and gymnasics.