The lone swimmer

That was me on Sunday afternoon at the Clem(p)son lake for our practice OWS at Saturday's tri. Overall, I had a terrific time there, and after a few minutes of getting acclimated to the cold water by putting my face in the cold water, I felt fine. Just like Lisa said not too long ago, that seems to be the hardest part and for me, it was. After that it was cake! I'm overall surprised at my comfortableness (wow, that is a word?!?) in the water. We did approx 200yds from one side of the beach (lake-beach) past buoys and come out down the beach, walk back to the beginning and so forth. We did this 4 times then a few of us (David included) did a ~400yd where we didn't exit the water. We just turned around at the buoy and headed back. I could have stayed out there for a much longer time swimming, but we had an hr drive back home. My confidence in the lake swim for this weekend has risen a little. I feel much better. However, we didn't have the crowds we will this weekend. But, I have a strategy. I'm going to start a few seconds after the mass start and stay on the outside of the pool of fishes. I don't need to be in that mess to shave 5 seconds off my swim. No, thank you! Grace got to enjoy the lake afternoon too. I think she's gonna be into water sports, for sure. She loves the water, much more than I do. But, I think it's really growing on me. :-) *Note - my arms look super huge in that pic. I'm practicing unzipping my wetsuit.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Mother's Day gift (the wetsuit). Yeah, yeah, I know it's not Mothers Day ---- Yet. But, I got my gift already and let me just tell ya.... Wearing a wetsuit in that lake was AWESOME. So worth it.... The buoyancy was just amazing. So, thanks David and Grace for my present! Isn't a Wetsuit what all Mom's want for Mother's Day? Hehe... My virtual tri twin, Lisa got one too.

I'm glad that swim went okay, cause today I was drained and just down-right exhausted. I didn't have time to do my usual 2000yd long swim at lunch. That just ain't happening. So, I settled for 30 min, and that happened to be a 1500yd swim. I felt like I was pushing myself harder and after I plugged in my time, I was slower. Oh well.

I just recently bought myself some presents for my bikey-bike. She deserves it as she's been so good to me lately. This week (hopefully), she gets new tri bars.

...and I just ordered these puppies. Aren't they sweeet!! I know they look like all other wheels out there, but David tells me "They're good wheels", and apparently my wheels suck. So, okay. Cha-ching...

I also hooked myself up with some new bike shorts. I needed them - wearing them twice in one week is just icky... I really need to start working at BK Lounge at night. This sport is getting expensive!!!

I have a new training partner and I couldn't be happier. We did Greenville tri together last year, and am doing Clemson this weekend, and Irongirl too. What I like so much about training with her is that we're both on the same level, except she's way faster in the water that I, and that we support each other. She's not competitive at all, neither am I, and we're just doing this for the fun of it and the sanity. We work for the same company and live across the street from each other. She's great! and I look forward to many months of us training together. We decided to ride from work yesterday after work to ICAR and do a few laps of it, then run 3 miles. It's a VERY hilly course and requires some "out of the saddle" time for me, which I'm mastering quite well. Our mileage plan got cut short due to some rain, and since we didn't know how bad it was going to get, we did 1 full loop and headed back in. We hit a paved trail behind our work, which was awesome. The rain was coming down in between the trees and there were lots of twists and turns. Fun times. We got back, stowed our dirty bikes and did a run/walk. I'm having mental issues lately with my running and hope to tackle that head on soon.

David mentioned in his blog the other day about my self-doubt issues. It's very true, as I've always had those feelings in my head, not just about training for Tri's or running, but everything. I don't know if it's deeply rooted from my childhood or not, but whatever it is - it's limiting me. I know it's all mental, and that mental part is holding me back. At least I know that, but how do you change? Here's my struggle. Friend and I were talking last night about this very thing. She's very positive and it's super enlightening. Maybe this will help. And, I couldn't have a better supporter than David. He always pats me on the back regardless if he's thinking in his head "Man, that's turtle slow - I can do that in my sleep". Lisa has been a HUGE help too. Our weekly chats are helping and I think that we are on the same level in many aspects of the crazy multisport world, so thanks David and Lisa. So, David was talking about "Why we do this to ourselves?". I've been asking myself this question over the last few weeks, so it's ironic he wrote what he did here. I think sometimes it's the sanity, or the challenge, or to feel a sense of worth. Whatever the reason - make sure "it" makes you happy. That's what I'm trying to convince myself of. We'll see how I feel after Saturday.

We went to Target the other night and when we checked out - I looked at him and said "Grace is growing up". We know she's getting older, and smarter and just so darn snottier but, she's R-E-A-L-L-Y Growing. Grace is a big girl, in fact she's VERY big for her age. She turned 3 on New Year's eve. Grace got her very first C9 workout outfit. They are black/hotpink pants with a wicking (Duo Dry) C9 shirt. Guess what size they are? XS from the big girls dept. CRAZY! Speaking of the little snot. Here's a few pics from the weekend.

She "baked" us a cake. She's wearing her apron and bunny slippers.

After the OWS, we went to Wild Wings for some grub.

Showing her super-cool look, with her "toothpack" hanging out of her mouth. Her Nike hat is her "super cool" hat, so she says.

Tonight, we're meeting friends from Church in the Reedy River Falls Park for some supper. Should be an enjoyable time, and after that I'll have my head stuck in my textbook. Only 11 more days left in this class, then I can start reading gossip magazines again. Until then, I'm relying on you Marcy for the celebrity gossip updates.

Catch ya later, homies.


Marcy said...

WHOO HOOOOO Mendy!!! Awesome job on the swim! And look at you stimulating the economy by getting your spend on! LOL

I don't know about the whole self doubt issues thing. TOTALLY NOT saying that I don't have my fair share LOL(just saying that "I don't know what to tell you") I think that everyone has some sort of self doubt :-) I also think you underestimate yourself more than you should. You do one helluva job! If tri's were so easy, don't you think that everyone would be doing them? You don't see me out there attempting that stuff LMAO! I totally lack the cajones. I tell Lisa, maybe if I marathon my myself to death I'll try . . .

Awwwhhh I LOVE that first pic of Grace! TOO CUTE!!! One of the joys of parenting, huh? The "little ones" getting bigger *sigh*

And high fivers for throwing the Nike cap on her LOL

Lily on the Road said...

Nice job on the swim....proud of you!

We all have self issues...each and everyone of are a strong, capable, persistent, young go girl!!!

You are paving the way for Grace...what an excellent role model! ^5's to you all 'round...

J~Mom said...

You know that even though we are miles apart we are in this crazy thing together! :>D Can't wait to see how you like your new bars, that is next on my list. Love the pictures of Grace, she is such a cutie!

Unknown said...

Wow, aren't you becoming the little "gear geek." ;-)

I love those pictures. She is so cute in those slippers.

I guess David can stick around. That's the mark of a good husband.

Have fun with the toys.

Jess said...

Geez, you're stocking up on the tri stuff! Always good to have the gear.

It's always good to rely on others to help encourage you -- everyone needs that. None of us could do this on our own.

Unknown said...

Good job on the OWS! YAY YOU!!!

Funny you are putting new aerobars on your bike and I think I'm going to take mine off (look for a future post about that...I'm sure I'll get tons of flack for it).

Also, it's great you have a new training partner. YAY FOR THAT@!!

Kevin said...

Thats a great idea on your swim start. It will definitely save you some hassle. Once you complete that first race, much of your self doubt should go away. You just have to prove yourself that you can do it.

Viv said...

How exciting on all the new goodies for the bike! Awesome on the wetsuit open water swim. It is a great Mother's Day gift. Fantastic on having a training pard. I bet it makes training way more exciting and you prolly push a whole lot more, but I still don't know how much harder you could push ;-)
I know you are going to do wonderful this weekend :-)

Grace is getting big since I just started reading your blog. She is a precious blessing!!

Wes said...

Awww man! I need some new tri stuff too. I must check to see what I absolutely need :-) Nice job on the OWS there, chica! You are going to be fabulous. Great pics of Grace, as usual. They don't grow backwards!!

Chris said...

AWESOME pics of Grace! What a cutie for sure! Best of Luck this weekend at the race. I'm not racing but will be volunteering at packet pickup on Friday afternoon and then I've got chip duty Sat morning. I'm volunteering withthe FCA Endurance crowd and I'm really looking forward to being a volunteer instead of a racer. (something a little different)(plus I am starting my taper for Florida 70.3)

I've been thinking that sometimes I take the fun our of competing by being too competitive and missing the some of the main point of why I started in triathlon. FUN and fitness. Once taste of the paoium ruined me completely! ;-) I'm really working to refocus and shift back into making trianing more fun.

Congrats on the great gear. I love the wheels and was considering getting the same set. Let me know how they ride....... New toys are always fun!

Eric said...

Yo Home-ette! Those aero-bars and smooth wheels will surely add to your level of speed! I know you're going to do great at Clemson and get even more hooked to this multi-sport thing!

I struggled with negativity for a while because I wasn't first! I'm not used to NOT being first and it was painful. However, I've now realized it's all about ME and the clock and my effort. That's it. If you get a sense of accomplishment and you're healthy and Grace thinks your cool...David too, nothing else matters!

YOU are in control of your destiny! GO GET IT!

Ashley said...

Mendy!! Thanks again for sending the LPond pics. You're awesome. Speaking of pics - LOVE the Grace shots. cute cute cute.

Here's the deal, I get on the road tomorrow am. So, wanted to send you GOOD POSITIVE FAST ENERGETIC vibes via the blog. I'll be thinking about you and your 1st OWS.

You are going to do awesome. Do not let doubt/worry enter that head - do you hear me?! You have been training, and you are going to have an awesome day.

Congrats on the new bike toys. don't even get me started on tri expense. OUCH. It's why I find myself working to race and racing to work.

ENJOY on Saturday! Remember how fun it is. You are ready.

Jackie said...

Mendy,keep up the training. You are doing awesome! I like the new wheels. Irongirl he we come!!

teacherwoman said...

I agree with what Marcy said... true and true.

Love the pics. You did a great job on the swim! :)

Jason The Running Man said...

I'm jealous of those new toys, ah some day!:)

Grace is a cuite!

Awesome job in the water I know I will have problems with that as soon as I get my fat butt off the couch!:) I know others have said but seriously...don't cut yourself short you are a machine!!!!

Gotta Run..... said...

Training with someone can make all of the difference. You and I are both lucky to have found others that we can link up with. I am thrilled for you and know you two girls will make what could be a dreaded workout fun!!!!

I with you on the bike bling-bling. This sports cost $$$!!!!

So glad to hear that your OWS went great. I will be taking a test run here in the next few weeks.

CLemson Tri is here already? Wild. Go MENDY!!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Look at all this support & people believing in you. How cool is that??? It’s the best part about this Blogging, unlimited support.

I have NO advice on the doubt demons. . . . I have too many to count.

As for Grace.......I actually cried the other day listening to Parker talk about his day. He's 4 & my last one. Brandon's seriously so grown & SUCH a pain in my ASS; but he's my other half & I don’t think I’d be able to breathe if he wasn’t here. He can look at me & know what's wrong, what I’m thinking & ALWAYS can make me laugh.

Parker. . . he's my heart. He's soooo sensitive & loving & I want him to stay my little boy for ever, but he told me, "mom, I have to get big, so I can go to school by myself & play hard (which means full contact) hockey & cut the hair on my face like Brandon. Then I'm gonna get bigger like my dad & play golf & watch whatever I want on TV & drive to work. But I'll still be your heart."

I was crying & he wiped my face with his dirty little hands (I saw in the mirror later), then he hugged me & patted my back; I am almost in tears just thinking about it. ('You’re my heart' is what we say to eachother)

I'm still not at the place Marcy is where it’s a "joy" to have our kids grow up.

Well, I’m of NO use to you in this area, am I???? :O)

Olivier Blanchard said...

Check you out with all the fresh gear!!!

You're going to rock it out Saturday. :) See you guys there.

David said...

Ah, your first OWS tri. It's intimidating, but I promise it's totally do-able. At least you have a wetsuit, and have done an OWS in it. And it's an in-water start, which is better.

You're gonna do great, and it's going to be sooo much fun! Just watch out for some guy pacing you in on the run. ;-)