Come on - Weekend....

Yes, I know - it's been a while since I last updated. David has been gone and I was in my last week of class, so it was a little hectic with working out and taking care of the little one. He returned Monday night, so all is well. I'll bullet really quickly what's been going on:

- David left for work to Boston on Monday night (last week), and returned Wed. I was standing there waiting on him to come out of the security area at the airport and the first person I see was Luke Wilson. He was here for the BMW Pro Am charity celebrity golf tournament.

- He then left first thing Thur morning and returned Monday night.

- I finished my class last week, and thus I finally have my Associates degree. It's been a long time coming with a class here, a class there for years. Now, on to the Bachelor's but like in the past, I'll take some time off from classes, in case David wants to get some in.

- Even though I had Grace all to myself, worked 8-5 last week, and had drill weekend to prepare for, I did manage to get in 7.5 hrs of swimming/biking/running. I was pretty happy about that. It's tough to do all the training I want to do, tough to do it with a toddler, and was extremely tough to do it without David around. I was actually surprised when I looked at my BT log and saw that I hit every scheduled workout.

- The U.S. Navy CPO Selection board started meeting Monday to hand pick the next Chief's (E7) of the Navy Reserve. I hope that after the weeks of deliberating, my name ends up on that list. I should find out in June sometime, probably end of the month. I checked for quotas last night and they're picking 68 people from my rate. I don't know what the % is because I don't have a list of us that made it this far to the board.

- I did my first ride alone this past Saturday. My cycle partner had scheduling conflicts, so it was me and the hills and roads of Donaldson Center. I did 4 laps that ended up being 30 miles. I embraced those hills, and learned I need to focus more on hill work. If it weren't for the constant crosswind no matter where I was on the road, I'd say it was a decent time.

- Yesterday morning I woke at 6:00 to head outside to meet friend for a short 3 miler. I can't believe I'm gonna have to become a morning person again but to have the workout over and done with is a relief. I swam at lunch yesterday too.

- My new wheels came in the day of Clemson tri. Go figure? Anyway, they're still in their lovely large box sitting in our dining room.

- I'm getting used to this 3 day/week each discipline. Although, last week I didn't run at all because of the shin'ish area of pain I'm having. But, I didn't slack folks and replaced each run with an elliptical session.

- TONS of bloggers and friends had races this past weekend and all did very well! The list is long, so I'm just gonna mention names and race. But, to all of you - CONGRATULATIONS - You all did so great and I've enjoyed reading your reports. I'm so proud of each and every one of you. I hope I didn't forget anyone...

- Jess - Another Half Marathon under her belt.
- Wes - First Half-Ironman in Fla.
- Ashley - Placed 1st in the Open/Elite cat at the Lake Murray Sprint.
- Stacy added her first Half-Marathon to the list of races.
- Viv - Also had her first Half-Marathon.
- Chris - Can add "National Champion" title to his name after the Duathlon Long Course National Championships in Cali.
- Marcy placed 2nd in her AG for a 5K.
- Lisa - Can add her first Olympic Triathlon to her races.
- Randy - Completed another Half-Marathon.
- Steve - Placed 2nd in a Duathlon relay.
- Chris - Completed his first Half-Ironman in Fla (same one Wes did).
- Nick - Placed 1st in AG at Lake Murray Tri.

One other - Laura - even though she didn't finish her race (due to some dude landing on her head and making her black out), her report is interesting.

Gosh, that's a lot of peeps that raced! That's all I gots to say for now. I'm tired, and ready for the weekend. Happy Hump day Ya'll!


Laura said...

Congratulations on the Associate's! Great work.

Haha almost good that the guy fell on my head and gave me a good story for why I didn't finish, or I would have had a ridiculously slow pace (more than an hour per mile!) to report :)

Wes said...

I am SO ready for a day off :-) Congrats on all the good stuff in here!! You got your degree. Awesome! You are up for the board. Stupendous :-) Lots of good workouts. Superb! New wheels!?!? WTH?? I'm dying here! ROFL!!!

Enjoy the rest of yo day! Weekend is coming!!

Viv said...

Luke Wilson, ahh he is such a cutie in that funny guy kinda of way.
Congratulations on the Associates degree!
Way to get all that training
in while holding down the fort. I hope the legs are back to feeling
well again. Thanks for the shout out. Still wishing luck to you on the Navy Cheif position. Enjoy the break for school!
Great recap on what's going on with Mendy :-)

Marcy said...

Oooooo MENDY CONGRATS on that Ass Degree :P Only playin, but yes that is AWESOME!

You're such a busy chica, I have no idea how the heck you manage it all.

Thanks for the shout out ;D Now hopefully you can have some of the load taken off your shoulders now that the man is home :-)

Pokey said...

CONGRATS Mendy!!! Going back to school while working, raising a family....AND training like you no small accomplishment!!! You should be SUPER proud!

I have no idea how you got all those workouts in with David gone...and working. I am apparently a big ol' slacker ;)

teacherwoman said...

Way to go with getting in the workouts ... all while David was gone and a little one at your ankles! You are truly impressive! Despite being off a training schedule for only a handful of days, I am dying to get back out there!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Kevin said...

Congrats on getting your Associates. I am working on my BS degree more then 10 years after graduating HS. Good job on fitting all that training in. Once I kick my 70.3 training into full gear, I will be up at 430AM on many a day

Carly said...

Congrats on your degree! You have been a busy girl. I puffy heart luke wilson. Is he cute in real life???

Bob - said...

ahhhh I am so behind on catching up with my fellow bloggers...Congrats to u on ur TRI post below!! Great Job

and also on getting ur Associates degree completed...u are a busy Chica :-) way to go and enjoy the rest of week & Holiday Weekend!

My Life said...

Ohhhh bless you, busy mommy/student/wife/friend/athlete. I'm in awe of how you do it all. Congrats on the AA - awesome!!!

rxervin said...

Wow, so much to be proud of! Good for you! And I bet you will make Chief. How cool is that... another Chief in the family?!
Love you!

streak said...

Way to go on the associates degree, not an easy thing to do. Good luck on the CPO selection board, another very difficult thing to do. You make these things,being a mom/wife/employee and workouts seem easy. How do you do it? Great job!

Lily on the Road said...

Congrats Mendy,

You exhaust me with all you do!

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!!


Jess said...

First off, congrats on the Associates! That has to feel good!

Secondly, with all of that going on, I don't know how yu have the time to keep track of all of us; you're amazing!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

OK, now I'm just guilty. . . .you get it all in & school & while David’s gone.....

Now i have NO excuses.......although you do have that military discipline that I’m missing......

anyway, great job!!!

Enjoy the weekend!

J~Mom said...

Congrats on finishing your degree!!! That is awesome!!!!!! Your race schedule looks awesome!! They just had SheRox here but I couldn't do it because it was the week before the Oly.