Clemson Sprint Tri Race Report

I have been SUPER busy this week and really don't have the time to do this now, but I will try.

Yes, that's aero bars on my bike. David put them on the night before the tri, and I tried them out on Saturday. Yeah, I know the rules of don't try things for the first time in an event, but I don't listen very well. Check out my pic ---> Yeah, I'm in aero (sort of). I need to work on this some. :-)

We headed out quite early, 5:30ish A.M to get to Clemson, about an hr away. We brought my training partner with us. It was early, and I didn't get nervous at all until Denine and I went to the port o johns and saw the lake. It was huge and the buoy's looked SOOOO far out there. I got butterflies, as I suppose I should since this was my first lake swim tri. I kept thinking that since our wave wasn't that huge, at least one of those kayak peeps would save me if I started to drown. As eminem was playing in the background, I was wishing David's team mates and friends good luck, then Denine and I started to do the rap wave, knowing we looked like fools. I tell ya, the music and how loud it is, and the bullhorn is a great combo to take the nervous shakes away. An inspired feeling brushed across me, thinking back to a year ago, Robin and I standing there watching David start. I think I told her "I wouldn't do that swim". Here I was... and I was STOKED!

David's wave went off right before us female age-groupers. As soon as they were off, we got in the C-O-L-D water. As I mentioned in a previous post, my strategy was to get to the outside (far left), and just try to stay there. As soon as I got in the water, I had that panic feeling from the cold, taking my breathe away. I think we had 3 minutes before our start. I thought that that was enough time, but it took me a a few times of putting my face in the water trying to breathe under water. It was so cold, I couldn't blow out the first few times. I was like "this ain't happening, I gotta breathe under water". So, after a few more times, I was all set. After the horn blew, I really think it took me about 1 min before I got into a good pace for myself. I just hung onto it, and pretty much stayed in my left lane of the lake without much hassle from the other ladies. I didn't site much neither. I breathe right so every stroke of breathe, I could see the others and as long as I stayed somewhat a few feet from them I knew I was on course. I rounded the buoy still feeling strong and kept going. I think I drifted out further than I should have. When I rounded the 2nd and final buoy, I had 1/3 of the 750m to go, and I could tell the next wave was catching up with me, which is fine. It just caught me off guard, and we encountered some choppy waters too all the way in. After I got out of the water, it was a long climb up the hill, and around the corner, into transition in the back. I'd say that added quite a few minutes.

T1 was 1:17, easy. The wetsuit came off rather nicely, and I took off. I took my gel as I headed out on the course.

I think overall I had a decent bike ride. It was VERY hilly and they weren't joking when they said there was a steep climb at mile 3. I just kept shifting until I could climb it. At mile 5, I must have messed with my gears too much, because I dropped the chain. I stopped, got off my bike, fixed it and was off. I had grease ALL over my hands, and legs. Don't ask me how.... Anyway, I enjoyed the ride and didn't stress too much over going fast. I knew I had a run to do, and with how my right leg has been giving me crap lately, I took it fairly easy on the ride.

T2 was the EXACT same as T1: 1:17, and easy.

I couldn't believe when I saw "mile 1" marked on the road. I thought for sure we were at the half way point already. You've got to be kidding me. Then, Jeremy (race director) made us climb a wall, aka VERY steep hill and out onto a narrow piece of land surrounded by water. This was our turn around point, and I was heading back. I did Okay on the run, but not great. I had to just shuffle because of my left shin pain (it's on the inside of my leg). We had a 3/4 mile gradual uphill climb then a left to the finish line. When I came into site, I could see David smiling at me. I was thrilled to be done with it, and had that feeling of "I want more".

That feeling lasted until I saw the results. I'm quite disappointed in the final results, not because of anyone else but because of me. But, It's something I'm going to improve on, if I continue with the sport. I know what I need to do, to do well (for me) at Irongirl. It's just 6 1/2 wks away. Then after that, who knows?

Results: Swim 750m (20:23) - includes the long trek to transition
Bike 11 miles (43:02)
Run 5K (33:27)

After the race, we went to Wild Wings for some munchies with friends Chris and Janice, Denine, and spectator friend Margaret. It was a fun time, with lots of laughs, food, adult beverages and fun. We had a great weekend spending it with family. I didn't do the Virtual 10K because I'm giving my leg a whole week of no running, and icing it nightly. Since my plan calls for several runs this week, I'm substituting elliptical for the running until next week.

Last night I got in a 2000yd swim of mixed drills, with a main set (1x1000) and some cool down yardage. It went alrighty! The plan also called for 40min of running, that I switched to elliptical right after the swim.

Today for lunch was 30 min of elliptical, and tonight I'm spinning my bike while watching Dora with Grace for an hr. Blah.... dislike the trainer.

David is in Boston for a few days, then he returns and heads to Sunny SoCal (again) for a few days. Total looser... ;-)
So, I have to be creative with my workouts this week. :-)

I know I say this A LOT, but I'm super busy. But, get this? It will be WAY better next week. This is my last week in class, and I have super duper reserves this weekend, and then I hope to slow down some, increase my mileage on the bike, and start running again next week. With that said, I'll try to read blogs at some point this week. It's just me and the little lady, so I can't promise anything.


Viv said...

I have the aero bars and so skeerd! Way to get in the aero postition!
Great swimming, and way to stick to the plan.
That is so weird the identical
transition time, and they were super fast! Don't be disppointed, Mendy. You are getting better and every race is a leeson to build on right?
You are doing awesome, and if it means anything I think of you a tri training rock star!

Good luck with getting the workouts in with just you and Grace.
You did awesome, and I am super proud of you!! I hope that week of
XT'ing the running will bring the leg back to 100% :-) Congratulations on a great tri!

Gotta Run..... said...

It sounds like you enjoyed the event so be thankful that you made it over those walls.... i mean hills. :-)

We have more hills coming at the Iron Girl event.

have a great time with Grace. Mommy daughter time can be a sweet thing.

J~Mom said...

YAY!! A race report!! You had a fantastic race!! You make the swim sound so easy! Love the new bars! Keep up the awesome work!

Marcy said...

Suuuuuurrreee you're busy! I bet David's not really even in Boston. I bet you both are recording your upcoming rap album "#1 Stunna" or sumfin :P LOL JK!

Mendy I think you did AWESOME!! ;D ;D You so rock! ;D ;D

Unknown said...

Why aren't you happy with the results? I think you did a grand job.

I just took my aerobars off, but you look awesome using them in the photo. Guess they just aren't my thing.

Dropping the chain stinks! I hate it when that happens. At least it's easy to put it back on (easier than dealing with a flat)

Nicely done. :)

Eric said...

HOLY COW, Mendy! WAY TO GO! You pushed through the swim...scary part, you had to fix your chain on the bike, and had to deal with the HILLACIOUS hill and you did it all with a great attitude! In my opinion, not a dang thing to be disappointed about! I congratulate you on perserverence!

Nancy said...

I think you did great. You are putting in so much time, you are going to keep improving. Keep at it!! I'm so jealous that you are out doing these things.


Wes said...

What's up with you women and this awesome transition time. The teenager at Dee Dee's tri had a transition of 18 seconds. Jeezus Christ!! I'm more of a sit down have a picnic kind of guy :-)

Nice job on the race chica! There is plenty of time for you to get "competative"! You enjoy yourself for now, and get that leg thing figured out!!!

sunshine said...

Great race, girl! So glad to hear you had fun with it. And, way to use a little bit of disappointment as fuel to kick butt on the next one.

Kevin said...

Great job. Sounds like an awesome race. Now you have 6 weeks to reflect on what went well and what you need to work on to get ready for Iron Girl.

Next time you drop chain. You may want to try changing your front gear towards the big ring and pedaling forward slowly. Of course only do this is you have enough speed where you have time to try this I have learned through trial and error that it works maybe 75% on the time as long as you didnt get chain suck.

Lily on the Road said...

Good report, I'm learning more everytime I read what you're up to. It'll help me when I try my tri in August....keep up the great it!

Jess said...

Congrats on such a great race!

Laura said...

Congratulations Mendy!!! Sounds like you did an awesome job, and I'm so impressed that you can do all THREE sports (including the scary swim).

Also, David and I seem to be travel buddies: I'm in Boston until tomorrow and then heading to Cali for the weekend (San Fran).

David said...

You did so well at Clemson, and it was awesome to see you smiling at the finish. Having fun makes it worth it, doesn't it? Now that you have this and PI under your belt, you have the experience you need to kick some butt in Atlanta!

Michelle said...

You should NOT be disappointed!! You did awesome!!!

I am so proud. Great job!!!

Ashley said...

Great job Mendy!!! Way to get that 1st open water race under your belt. I'm glad you enjoyed the day, and took in the experience. Can't wait to see you soon.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Awesome job!! I think you did great!!! there were hills & everything.
I can't trell you how brave I think you are about the swim. I'd freak out if people were by me & touching me.......& then the choppy-ness. I'd have to quit!! ;o)

Great job & you need to massage the shin.....I went to PT for 4 weeks a yr ago for this & lots of massage, ifit feels all bumpy, its shin splints & it goes aways with massage!!!! which, hurts, but ice it first, then massage then ice again...

I love that you & Davis do all this together. . . .you're both very luckey!

Sam said...

Good race!

teacherwoman said...

Mendy! You so rocked that race! Wahoo! I am so proud of you! !:)

Jeremy Hoefs said...

Congrats! Sounds like a fun race.

Erin Leigh said...

Sounds like you did amazing!!! I am new to the whole running/racing world but between you and Lisa I have to say I am a bit skeeved by the whole open water thing, lol. I am doubting I will let that stop me when the time comes though.

Keep up the good work!!!

Neese said...

Hi Mendy, congratulations, You know how to work in the races despite being busy, good for you!

Cheri said...

Great job on the tri. My running friends are trying to steer me that way. I'm OK on the bike, just getting used to it. But the swim has me nervous.
My husband is a weekend warrior, too. ARNG. Served in Iraq for 13 months in 2003-2004. Gald he's home!!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Mendy! Way to go on your race! That's awesome! Thanks for dropping by my website! Hope to meet you soon! Have a great day!

Brian said...

You did great, I think you did great in the swim, bike and run.
You know how you feel when someone asks "What did you do?" and you tell them and they can't believe you did it. Well believe it, you just competed in and completed a triathlon no small accomplishment and you should be proud of it.

You are setting such a great example for you kids and the rest of us. Your kids can say "My Mom is a triathlete", that sounds cool.