Beautiful day

We couldn't have asked for better weather today here in the Upstate for both of us to complete our bricks. Right now, my little weather icon in my tray says 57 degrees, and it's 8:05pm. Luvin' it!

Grace's bike ride went well last night. :-) She had a blast, did 2 loops of the path we have behind our home. It was 1 loop more than the last time.

Lunch today was a quick jet home from work to work on my core. I have been doing this video by Ana for a while, although not as consistent as I'd like. I'm going to do Pilates and strength training twice a week. I think it will be easy to fit into the schedule because it's only 30 min and I can do that in the AM before going to work.

After work, I had a brick scheduled and was actually looking forward to it all day. I rode the trainer, then headed outdoors. My cateye (bicycle computer) is jacked up. It wasn't user error on Sunday when it stopped working. David is gonna look at it, but I'm sure it's just decided to stop working. So, I'll need to get a new one. Because of that, I dont know my exact pace. The miles, and time weren't working but pace was. Of course, I was all over the place with it. I don't think I pushed as hard on the trainer as I should have considering the run went well. After I finished, I came upstairs, changed shorts, grabbed Garmie and headed out. I've been doing a few runs (including the 10K I did a few wks back) without the ipod and it was quite nice. I think from now on, I'll do my short runs with no ipod. The hill out of our neighborhood didn't phase my legs as much as it has. I felt awesome on the run, came in the door smiling. I feel somewhat ready for Saturday!

Bike (trainer) 40:00 ~9.71 miles
Run 2.4 miles 23:33 (9:50)

9:06 (.4 mi)

Tomorrow is a short, hopefully intense swim of about 550yds and strength training. Thursday will be a easy run, 4 miles and about 20 min of stretching. Friday will be a rest day, finally. After 7 days of working out, I'll embrace it.

Afte the tri this weekend, we have exactly 3 wks to prepare for the Charleston Bridge 10K. So, the running will increase for the both of us with hill work. The bridge is 4% incline for about a mile and challenging, but I look forward to it.

Off to relax (more) and read ya'lls blogs!


Wes said...

I love the positive attitude! Run with it. Grace looks so cute on the bike. She'll be tri-ing in no time :-) You guys are such good role models...

J~Mom said...

Nice job!! Looks like a fantastic brick!! You are going to rock your tri!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Viv said...

Look at the cutie on the bike. I have to agree with Wes great role models!
WTG on running without the ipod. That is so impressive I need the disturbance whilst running.
Sounds like a great workout plan for the rest of the week! Pilates is so great. I have to be more consistent with it, well ST in general :-/
This tri of yours is going to be great!!

RE: the dummy tri book is great for a complte newbie. It answers a lot of the questions I had. Some things were too basic but overall great. I love those dummy books :-P

Bob - said...

Love the pics... Good move on getting Pilates in to ur workouts ...I hear great things about it. Yoga/ Pilates something will be added to my routine in 09'

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a GREAT day.

Good job on the brick! WoooHoooo!!

Jess said...

Nice job on all the workouts!

Marcy said...

I still cannot believe that Grace can ride a bike and with training wheels no less. Keira can't even ride a big wheel :-X So uncoordinated. Let's just hope she's smart, shall we? LMAO!

Paul said...

Killer little bike! Good training too.

Gotta Run..... said...

Already looking forward to you and David's Tri Race Report for this weekend.

Hope the weather will be good!

Love the picture of Grace on her bike. She is going to be just like you and David. :)

Unknown said...

Nice job with the brick!

I only use my ipod when I'm training indoors. I don't like it outside because I can't hear things around me and since you can't (and shouldn't) use them during races, it's good to train without it and get used to it.

The Pilates sounds like a great idea, too.

Lily on the Road said...

Good for you to incorporate Pilates into your workouts. Really helps the back and hips. Yoga is great too.

Little Miss Sweet-Pea will be just like mom and dad....kicking butt on the bike and running!

RunnerGirl said...

Looks like Grace is on her way to being an athlete already!

teacherwoman said...

Pilates for weight loss? I wonder how that differs from Windsor Pilates?? I might want to check that out myself!

Love the high spirits, chica! keep it up!

Chris said...

Hey Mendy!

Best of luck on your 2nd TRI. Parris Island is a great race. (except for the pool swim portion) Best of Luck to you, I know that you will do awesome! I've been reading your blog along with your hubby and am looking forward to maybe meeting you guys down there. I'm leaving tomorrow morning so I can make it down before I have to be on a conference call for work.

Greenville was my first tri in 2006 and I was WOEFULLY unprepared and it was really tough, especially on the run. To give you an idea of how terrible I did. At Greenville this past year I was able to beat my time by 30 minutes! :-) I feel you........

Do you guys have plans for dinner?

Take care and thanks for stopping by

AnnaBanana said...

WOAH -- I got tired just reading that -- way to go woman!!

You are going to do freaking awesome -- you ALREADY are doing awesome!