Here lately, I've been inspired in several categories in my life, but since this blog is about fitness, I'll keep it at that. I feel that desire to work harder at my running, swimming and just get on my bike more, and I feel ready to take that leap of faith. I know that I won't be fast by the meaning that most of you use that term for, but I want to be better than where I am now. I've passed that "just finishing" phase of my journey and want to do best I can do for me. It reminds me of what Pokey said in her RnR Half report, that "the mere thought of finishing had become no longer". That's an excellent goal for a LOT of people and I commend everyone for reaching for and obtaining their fitness goals. Just finishing a Half-marathon is a HUGE accomplishment. I've done 3 half marathons now, and the first 1 was my best, but I didn't think it was at that time. I want to finish stronger at my next one, so I will be working harder.

David and I had the pleasure of having lunch with Chris friday at our favorite Thai restaurant. Chris is a fitness freak-show, and I mean that in the nicest, friendliest way, Chris. Every time we get together with him, I am inspired. He is a top-notch athlete. We, all 3, of course talk about running, cycling, and that part of the sport all 3 of us like less - that dreaded swim. However, I am much slower than the both of them in all 3 events. But, I am always inspired, not to get to their levels (respectively), but just to improve myself. I want to improve my overall fitness, loose over 20 lbs, and help decrease my self-doubt. I don't want to be dead last at every event, nor do I think I could ever be first. Just getting better at the sport. So, with that, I am going to work on working my body a little harder during each workout.

Everyone of you that I read gives me some sort of inspiration from all different angles. I learn something new all the time about the sport and myself. So, a sincere THANK YOU!

We had a most swexcellent (from Jess's own dictionary ) weekend! We didn't get much projects accomplished in the house, but it was a needed sort-of relaxing weekend and the first we spent with Grace the entire weekend in 2 wks. We were in Myrtle last weekend and had our reserves the weekend before that. She absolutely LOVES going to Grandma's. We like to do something just for her over the weekend, and swimming was this weekends choice. She LOVED the pool. So much so, she told me at one point "Mommy, don't touch me, I got it, I'm swimming". Little snot.

Sunday, before Church I got up and did a 6 mile run. It wasn't a great run, but am glad I did it. I struggled with feeling just really tired, and no energy.

run 6 miles - 1:04:12

I didn't get my planned brick in this past weekend, so I decided Sunday night I'd do it Monday afternoon. At the end of the workday yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it. However, after I walked outside I saw how nice the weather was - not too much wind, great temps. I told David, I'd do 30 min on the trainer (cause I'm too chicken to the hit the real roads at that time of day), then I'd run to our favorite Mex restaurant to meet him and Grace.

bike (trainer) 7.38 miles - 30:05
run 2 miles - 20:41

Today is supposed to be swimming but we've already had thunderstorms. I hope it clears up before the afternoon, so I can get in a short swim before our Church group tonight.

There's a glitch in the template I chose for my blog, so as you can see - I've had to switch it. When I view the layout, it only shows the first few fields in my sidebar. Therefore, in the layout I can't edit the others, nor move them around, etc. So, I messed around with the code a lot yesterday, just trying to figure it out. I'll keep working with it. It just CAN'T beat me!


Wes said...

It's always a good idea to hang around peeps who are a little better than you are! Keeps you motivated.

Little Snot

Very.cute :-)

Nice job on the brick! Those run offs can get contagious! I moved my swim from this morning to this afternoon cause we were getting pounded this AM... We had trees down on the interstate. Good thing I left early. I had an hour commute! Blech!!!

Marcy said...

I dig this new layout! It's lookin good! Nice and cheery. I should probably change mine as well, maybe I wouldn't be so depressed :P It's bad enough it's winter and gloomy, might better cheer my bloggy up a bit too LMAO!

I hear you chica! Sounds like you have excellent focus, I'm sure this year you will rock out ;D ;D Just the fact that you even do triathlons is inspiration for me. That stuff = SCARY to me LOL

Marathoner in Training said...

Wendy, The thanks goes out to you and David. You both are inspiring to me. I am so glad to have met you and looking forward to the next encounter. It sounds like this next weekend David will be visiting Home Depot to take care of some home projects.

Neese said...

Life is sounding good, nice post :)

There was a HUGE headline/story in the Sports section today, RR Registration is CLOSED, apparently they bypassed the 3,000 participant cap by 20% this past weekend so they "shut er down!"

Nancy said...

God I wish I was there. I'd have you swimming with the fishes. I wonder if I could make money training tri people to swim. Listen to me, I was back in the pool for a week and I think I'm a pro. HA HA.

Eric said...

You Go GIRL! It's all about the progress and it doesn't happen fast...unless you're David and you can go without running and suddenly run a 6:46 pace! Sheesh!


Jess said...

Love the new look! It's fab.

Remember too that while you are gaining inspiration from others you're also providing it! Your diligence in seeing runs and races through has always been an inspiration to me!

Viv said...

Nice new look. I really like the clickables? at the top.

Great brick followed by mex food with the family, can't beat that
Great post about the inspiration, I totally hear you on that.

teacherwoman said...

THe new layout looks great! I am hoping to make some color changes to mine... blue just doesn't seem to fit with this time of year!

I agree with Jess. You are inspiring others as well... including me!

Lori said...

Grace sounds like Payton with that swimming comment! LOL They are something else, that's for sure.

You are so inspiring, Mendy. I love to read about what you have coming up and how you plan to attack it!

J~Mom said...

I love the yellow!! It's so darn cheery and I want to steal it for my blog! :>)

I loooove what you wrote and it's so true. It's not just about finishing anymore, it's about doing our best. Sometimes that is really hard when we have so much other stuff going on, kwim?

You are going to do awesome and thank you for your words today, I agree with the are inspiring!!

Ashley said...

Mendy, I loved reading this blog! You're right, finishing a 1/2 m is no small task. We should all be proud (and thankful) for having the ability. AND I'm excited for you... taking your "game" to the next level. So much of running/tris is MENTAL. If you make the commitment, and really strive to improve, it WILL happen. Great goals. NEVER doubt yourself. Can't wait to see you achieve!

Anonymous said...
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