Thursday - 7 miles
Yesterday was my 7 mile, uneventful run. My goal - finish the thing before it got too dark, and quickly so we could take off to go over to our friend's house for a yummy Italian feast. I stayed and worked during lunch, so I didn't feel too guilty leaving at 4:00 to head home to start my run. Winds were low, traffic was light on the first 3.5 miles, that is. And, I got back in just enough time to stretch (really quick) and take my shower - then we were off. We had an excellent relaxing evening with our friends, talking about Italy while eating Italian food, drinking Italian wine - and both were delicious. We actually had adult-like conversations. So, so very nice! Very good peeps, they are! The kids had a blast too!

Grace was so beat, she passed out within seconds on the drive home.

This weekend, nothing much planned, but some Church activities, and some housework. I have an 8 mile run for the weekend and would like to get in some swimming for cross-training as well.

I am happy to say I had a good number of runs this month. They definitely weren't easy by any means. I know this is cake to some of you, but for me it's an improvement, that makes me smile. See:
Nov - 55 miles
Oct - 11
Sep - 0, Yes 0 miles.
Aug - 33
Jul - 69
The highest mileage month was Jan with 70, and that was while I was training for Myrtle Beach Half. While creeping up for the Half in Jan, I should log around 80 miles in Dec. It's just nice to be back out there on the road, no matter how slow I am. :-)

I straightened my hair this morning and here's a snapshot of it. It can get straight as a board with my awesome straightener, but it doesn't look as healthy as POM's recent pictures. I don't have all the right products, just yet - anyhow. ((wink))

Oh, and I thought a few of you would get a kick out of this. Grace climbed into bed the other night, and picked up my Running Times magazine and started looking at it. I quickly ran downstairs to get the camera to get this picture. She's reading about Marathoning "The Hanson Way".

Have a Fabulous weekend, All!


Wes said...

Woo hoo! Now I see where Grace gets her good looks from... There ARE good genes on one side of the family tree ;-)

That is SOOO cute. A little marathoner/triathlete in the making! LOL.

Michelle said...

Awww, look at Grace. A little future marathoner in training!! LOL!

You look so much different with straight hair! It looks good, but I like your curly locks, too. My hair is so stick-straight that it won't even hold a perm (I've had two and they both "fell out" within a day -- boo!), so I am always fascinated by those with curly hair. And I always wonder why people with curls want to make their hair straight, as having straight hair like mine has been a pain at times (like when I was a kid, my mom would put barrettes in my hair only for them to slide out a minute later. Seriously). I had layers cut in my hair earlier this year so my hair would actually have some volume and not just lie lifeless on my head.

Great job on the mileage this month! I can't believe you didn't run at all in September! But that was also a down month for me, mileage-wise.

sunshine said...

Glad to hear you got a good run in. Doesn't it stink that it gets dark so early. Everyone knows in my office that when I'm training and it starts getting darker, earlier, that I'm out of there at a decent time!

Love the straight hair!!! And, little Grace looks so cute!

Marcy said...

I LOVE your hair straight!!! I can only imagine what a process that must be to do though. Have you ever burned yourself? I always used to clip my ears or forehead LMAO!

ROFLMAO at Grace!! Keira picked up my FIRST book the other day and was skimming through it, looked up and goes "Mom this is so cheesy" :-X :-X

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Grace never takes a bad better get ready with a good lawyer to draw up a modelling contract for that look like Barbar Streisand...or however you spell her name...for a minute I thought you were going risque on us showing us your jammies...again Grace is a photo queen...she's adorable....

Jess said...

From the perspective of someone who has stick-straight hair, I ask: Why oh why would someone with lovely, curly locks want to straighten her hair?

It looks good, don't get me wrong, but I WISH I had hair like yours!

J~Mom said...

I love your pic!!! I straighten my hair everyday. Mine is not as curly as yours but rather wavy. Great job getting 7 miles done!! WOOHOO!! You are right on schedule for PF Chang's!:.)

J~Mom said...

PS I might have them cut my hair more like yours on my next visit! I love the layered look. :>)

Neese said...

you look fab!!! David needs to print that phot and carry it in his wallet :) Grace with her legs crossed and reading is adorable!

J~Mom said...

Mendy~My plan is to increase a mile per week up until it's time to cut back. So I am hoping to get up to 14 or maybe 15 before tapering back. My hope is that my endurance will make up for my lack of speed and help me to keep up with you speedy gals. :>) Maybe I can even knock a few pounds off between now and then and that will help with my speed on race day as well.

I can wear the purple shirt and green shorts on race day if you and David want. OR even better I can wear them to the airport.

Bob - said...

Your Hair looks great :-)

and too funny that pic of Grace reading the Running Mag...well that's good start them young!!

Ultra Grace--GO GO GO

David said...

Yeah, I have a pair of cuties on my hands. Couldn't be more happy!

So great to see you with the running bug again. Maybe summer is just not long run season? Eh, running is the devil, anyway. You're doing great, though!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run! And nice hair!