Apparently my new name from the snot. It went from Ma-ma - Mommy - to Mom (Yeah, I didn't like this). Now, mudder, aka Mother, of course. She's southern. :-)

Slacking on the blogging lately. Just been super busy with the job, family, Halloween, and I just finished my drill weekend as well. It was only 3 wks between drills - not long enough. Too much... So, just got all caught up on everyone's blogs last night.

Our anniversary weekend was wonderful! On a last minute whim last Friday, we decided to ride up to Pretty Place where we were married and to show Grace. A few of you asked about where those pictures were taken so thought I'd share a little. We are in the upstate of SC, where I was born and raised. When I was showing David around the upstate before moving up here (from Charleston), I took him up to Pretty Place and he seemed to like it. So much so, on a visit up there later on he proposed to me. It's a YMCA camp, Camp Greenville and the chapel is called Symmes Chapel. Obviously, it's in G'ville county, but about an 1.5 hrs from our house, through my old stomping ground and on up the mountain. It's just gorgeous up there, very quiet, tranquil and breathtaking. You can see all the surrounding NC and SC mountains. It's also very spiritual. More pics of Pretty Place here. The only downside to going up there is the sick feeling in my tummy from the mountains and usually only happens on the return. Blah....

Halloween was fun. Grace actually understood more about it this year and really enjoyed it. She was running to the doors yelling "trick or treat". Here's my purple care bear.

My favorite - After the long evening, Grace ironically checking out her Care Bear movie.

Ya'll, my shins are killing me. I didn't do much exercise/running this week.

Tues - Run 2.4 miles - okay run, still feeling slow.

On my day off to get projects done around the house, friday, I attempted my run on the dreaded treadmill at the Y because winds were like 18mph. For a scheduled 5 miles, I had to stop at 1.8 miles in due to shin splints again. I seem to get them everytime I start running/training again. I didn't take that much time off, to go through this again. I hopped off and onto the elliptical and 12 minutes in, I really was aching to get back on the treadmill to finish my 5. I did so, only to get off again after 5 minutes. I just couldn't handle it. It hurt so much that sat morning when I got up, my first step out of bed - I felt the pain. After I got off, I was on my way out the door feeling disappointed not knowing when I could make it up, wondering if I should just attempt the outdoors that maybe it would be better. I saw that they were starting the spinning class and joined in. :-) I love the way spinning makes my legs feel strong, whereas running (lately anyhow) makes my legs feel weak.

Run 1.8 miles
Elliptical 12:00 .97 miles
Spinning 60 min

Tomorrow, I will be buying new running shoes, hopefully. :-)

Thank goodness Drill is done and not another one for 4 more weeks. They just exhaust me. I have a busy week at work this week with some specific projects, and some reviews I have to write up. Time to turn in for me, and it's only 9:17... Night night, and hope you all had a great weekend!


David said...

New shoes (and some stretching!!!) may fix you right up, and get you back out there. I think you are mentally ready to go hit it again, so I hope the body cooperates.

Next year I'm thinking the Halloween candy booty may have to disappear that night, so we don't have to deal with Grace constantly wanting to get into it. Fortunately she's got that wonderful terrible-two attention span, and gets distracted.

Wes said...

Awww. Grace is so cute. Ya know when she calls you mudder, you are in trouble :-) Kind of like calling her with her full name!

Neese said...

Ahh pretty place is...beautiful...(i should of said "pretty" there huh? lol).. our boss got married up there last two September's ago...very nice... Grace is adorable...too funny holding the CB movie

Marcy said...

She's sooooooo cute!!!!! I'm glad she had a good time. It's great at that age when they finally start to "get" things. I tried to con Keira into getting that same costume but she kept picking out the "boy" ones like Pablo the Penguin and Thomas The Train. We met a happy medium wiht the bat *sigh*

Is that the Care Bears Big Wish Movie? OMG that movie drives John NUTS. We had the kids watch it once when we were driving and he's like "SHUT IT OFF SHUT IT OFF! The singing is so freeking annoying" Party pooper. LOL

You're brave. Spinning seems scary to me LOL

J~Mom said...

Isaac was the same way with trick or treating this year. At one point her started sprinting from door to door to get the candy.

Grace is the most adorable CB!! I love how she calls you mudder. CUTE!!

What kind of shoes are you going to get? My shin splints have been GONE since I got my Asics! I have had them since June and I don't think I have had shin splints for at least 2-3 months now since they have been totally broken in. I loved my Mizuno's but I think I will stick with the Asics now.

J~Mom said...

First paragraph should say HE started sprinting.

Jason The Running Man said...

Grace is a cutie! Good job pushing through that workout.

J~Mom said...


There are the Gel Foundation-7

See if this link works:

They are motion control and the guy wasn't sure if I really needed motion control but I am so happy I got them now. They might be too much support but try them on and see what you think. :>)

J~Mom said...

HA! Ok, that link did not work. Sorry.

rxervin said...

Hello Mudder... Hello Fodder... Hee hee. Don't know why I thought of that when you mentioned that Grace is calling you Mudder. Oh well.

The costume is too cute.

Really cool to see a pic of Grace at PPlace. It's like the circle of life or something(?).

Got the clothes today, thank you SOOO much. You are the bomb!

teacherwoman said...

Grace... so cute! I loved the care bears. I had grumpy bear...still do!

Jess said...

Are you sure the shin pain is the result of splints? Sometimes, a runner can experience pain in the shin when the real problem is the knee -- particularly the patella slipping. You might also try a knee brace that works to hold the patella in place (those braces with the round hole for your knee cap) and see if that helps any.