Quietly, I joined POM's group of women wanting/trying to loose weight. Last week, I didn't post my weight, goal, and surprise for myself. So, here goes...
11/5 - 164.6 (Ht = 5'6.5 or 5'7 depending); Goal = 135; Prize = Spa visit :-)
11/12 - 162.8 = Lost 1.8lbs, and 4 inches
11/19 goal is 160.8 (2lbs per week)
(((( so embarrassed )))) Lesson #1 for me

For cross-training yesterday, I needed to give my legs a little break, so I got in the pool for a swim and quite frankly, it sucked. Really, it was okay, but those last few laps, I felt that my legs just wouldn't propel me at all anymore. They gave up. So, I was 1 lap slower today than I was last week.
Lesson #2 - don't expect great things in the pool the day after a (long) run

Swim - 30:33 (1100yds)

Today, was a scheduled 3 mile run at approximately 11:36 pace (from the Runners World training: smart coach program). When entering my info, I had put in my half time back in Feb, training for a half, 12 wk plan, mpw was 11-15 although when I started, it was 0, so it spit out that time. Fine with me. I started late on training again, so that's what I get. No PR for the Jan Half expected, but my Feb half - hmmmm.....

I went for my run at lunch, and did our regular run that includes a mile to an entrance to a half developed area, then a half mile loop I do twice, with a few short hills. It's a nice run, and I get to avoid crossing the freeway (at lunch hr). So, I'll take it. David was getting home for his run, when I was getting ready to take off and told me he was going to do the same run. Of course, he caught up to me after I did my 2nd loop (so did he). He's that much faster than me, you see! And he ran the entire way (about a mile) back with me. Nice, huh? When we got back, we talked about my running style, and did a small lap of our neighborhood. My running needs work. My continued leg pain + the shin hurting is still there so I will be stretching my legs and body from now on every day. I've got to get to the bottom of where it's coming from.

Anyway, negative splits for me today, thanks to David!
3 miles - 31:44

So, after I got back to work, I logged my run into my spreadsheet and it's just disappointing how much I lost. My 3 mile runs were dipping into the low 9's and some 8's (I know that's a leisurely stroll for most of you) pace just a few short months ago. I then looked at my monthly mileage. Jul was a high month, then half that in Aug and in Sep - 0. Oct was low and I've already surpassed that # this month. So, lesson #3 is - if you don't want to loose some of the hard work that goes into training and the speed/distance you have built - don't stop as long as I did. I am happy just to be back out there, though.

On a more positive note for the day - My Thule Bicycle Hitch rack was at the door when I got home at lunch. Time to take our bikes somewhere on the truck!

Bummer, all morning - I thought today was Wednesday. Ughh... long week so far.

Oh - one other thing - I am going to do the Blogger 8 miles on the 8th run, created by Nancy with other blogger runners. I will be having Drill that weekend, but that's okay. It's 7.2 miles around the loop there and I'll just add on. I even added it to my race calendar. See <---------


Wes said...

Has David or Ultra Bob discussed the benefits of rolling out the muscles on your leg? I know its helped me. Might be worth a try.

I love new gadgets! Nice run, chica! Stick to the plan. 8-9 minutes will always be super speedy to me :-)

Lori said...

Your disappointing times are happy times for me! I hope someday that I will be consistently putting out 8, even 9 minute miles, but for right now and until I lose some of the chub, I will just be happy to keep moving...I really need to get my act together and post my numbers, too. I hear you on the embarrassment factor...but for what it's worth, I would have never guessed you at that weight from your pics. You look really great :)

Marcy said...

You girls are so darn brave with your weights ;-)

Look at that!! Awesome job chica!! 2lbs a week is TOTALLY doable and a great goal to aim for!! You're a tall one too! LOL (sorry I just randomly threw that in there hehe)

Ohhhh I hear you on the running. Mine has been really disappointing also. I hate to even look at Garmin after it beeps because I know it's not going to be good and it feels like I'm REALLY working :-/ Bleck. In time chica!! In time!

David said...

It is disappointing, but I know you understand that doing something gets you closer to the goal than doing nothing. Good for you in getting out there and staying motivated. A goal is always good!

Great to run with you today, too. Let's do it again some time.

J~Mom said...

You and David are so stinking cute running together. I can't wait for January!!! :>)

J~Mom said...

I had other stuff to say I hit publish too fast.

I am with you on the weight although you are skin and bones compared to me. We can do this though...we can!

Lori said...

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I just heard the AWESOME news last night! I am so flipping excited, you have no idea! I don't care if I have to crawl that half-marathon, I wouldn't miss meeting all you people for the world :)

Gotta Run..... said...

Great pick on the bike rack. We have the SAME ONE :) and love it. Very easy to use.

Keep looking forward on your runs and weight loss. What has happened is done and all you can do is set and reach new goals. You are already doing this with each step you take.

Way to go!!!

P.O.M. said...

Isn't it *Freeing* to post your weight? NOT REALLY! ha ha. But it seriously forces me to be honest wtih myself. Not always easy. d

Great job on the loss!