A beautiful afternoon + a run

Last night, in the raining weather, I left my family and went to the Y for a spinning class. I haven't done one in, well... I can't remember the last time I did one. Those classes are really a lot of fun and the instructor really pushes us to climb hills harder, spin faster for sprints and have good body posture, which I know I need some work on on the bike, regardless of type. I seem to get uncomfortable a lot while on my bicycle on the trainer downstairs, but last night - I had no weird back pains, etc. I enjoy climbing the hills, feeling the tension, better than sprinting. Great class!

Crunches - 100
Push-Ups - 20
Spinning - 60 min

Afterwards, we headed out to our Wed night mex restaurant. Great food, and I ate healthy, thankfully!

This morning when I woke up, I thought about my run, and decided that I may just push it off to tomorrow because my legs were just feeling tight and a little sore. However, I had to take our cat to the vet and the appt didn't last as long as I thought, when I returned home - it was just gorgeous outside, little wind, but nice and even a bit warm. I headed out, and let me tell you - this run was a struggle. Take it from me: If you have running fitness, don't take 2 months off before hitting the pavement again. I feel as if I'm starting all over again, with my legs feeling awkward, tight, and just not right. I do know that it's all my fault and I don't feel sorry for myself, just disappointed. But, there's nothing I can do now, but get back out there over and over and build my running fitness up again. I couldn't believe the pace when I returned. It's just not the numbers I'm used to seeing for my runs. There's nothing wrong with the pace, itself - just ME. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my run, overall - Glad I was able to do it and finish it. Just to see the downward spiral on my running fitness altogether sucks. 5 miles a few months ago was an easy afternoon run for me - today it was not.

Now, I'm totally sore! Going up the stairs is a struggle. My legs feel beat down! But, in a weird way - I like it. It means I'm back "at it". :-) Shhhh.....

Run - 5 miles - 55:41

Tomorrow is a rest day, thankfully.


David said...

My freakin legs hurt, too!

Mendy said...

Grace said her legs hurt too...
We're a sad, sad family.

Wes said...

{whisper}OK. I won't tell anybody{end whisper} :-)

Grace is going to blow us all away if she keeps mimicking you guys ;-)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Glad to see you back at it again.....if you want slow though you have to come run with me...that would be your punishment for slacking for a couple of months...I personally would like to get to 5 miles in 55 minutes... It's great though that you are "back"....Enjoy today.

Marcy said...

Ohhhhh girl I hear ya!! It's insane how much you lose while away BUT we can always get it back ;-) And crap you're further ahead than me. At least you can cover 5 miles. I'm totally with ya chica!

You nut! I can't believe you did spin. That stuff scares me LOL

J~Mom said...

I love seeing you blog regularly! :>) I hope the legs are better soon but that is a great feeling!