Catching up

Wow, what a time we've had with DSL and our linksys router. We're waiting on a shipment to arrive with our new modem in just a few days. For now, it's sporadic connections when the modem wants to work. Luckily, I did get in my homework and quiz this weekend for my class. On to my workouts!

What a fantastic week I had in the running dept. Yes, you heard that correctly. I'm very happy with my results, and feel like it will continue. Since, I haven't updated in a while, I'll try to be brief, but, you all know me already. :-)

Alarm went off thursday morning at 6, but funny thing is - is that it was my body clock, then the actual alarm went off and I shut it off, back in bed and didn't get up for my run. Just wasn't feeling like it - no other excuses. In fact, I stayed awake the entire hr before the real alarm went off to wake us up for work. Crazy! I told myself "I'll run at lunch". Fine... no biggie. I get to work, and a co-worker says "Mendy, you need to be on a 12:00 conf call". "Damn, don't you know it's my workout hr". Crap... no workout, and I ended up eating rice cakes and peanut butter, with some hormel small cup o' spaghetti for lunch.

So, not only did I not workout at lunch, I worked during my lunch hr, and stayed late, so there was only enough time for me to go home and eat supper before heading out the door for my tri clinic. It was on swimming and held by a fantastic swim coach, well known around this area. It was a good clinic.

So, skipped the run, and my swim friday at lunch (to work) - left a little early and over to the gym. I got on the treadmill for my 3 miles and took it really easy, got in the pool for 500yds.

Run 3 miles; Swim 500yds (13:42)

Saturday I got up before David and Grace woke, and got ready for my run. I was out the door around 8:20. I stopped briefly every 2 miles for water and/or sports beans. I did my normal 6 mile run, but just did it twice. So, I was at the start of my neighborhood half-way through my run, and did another leg of it. Mentally, this was actually easier for me! The temp was great, but we had about 13 mph winds, which was okay on some of it. After I returned, David set out for his run and did his longest run yet, of 13.1. We both had a great running day, then got ready and it was off to the Wine Bar for some relaxation, lunch, and wine!

Run - 12 miles

Several posts ago, Marcy, oh so graciously mentioned me on the blogposts about rockin' girl blogger. I would love to return the favor! In alphabetical order, I present to you my blogin', rockin' girls of inspiration... I had to include every gal on my blog-buddy list! I'm weird like that, and since I did - I'll make it short - and, oh yea, no need to tag anyone else or reply with a tag. I'm not great with words, so bare with me.

Jess: Jess is a blast! What can I say. I enjoy reading about her adventures. More so, during my low time (of running) Jess had just went through one too, and by her talking about her experience about it, actually kicked my tail back in gear. For that, I'm thankful and hopefully we can meet in Chicago!!

Lisa: Lisa is such an fun blogger. She tells you like it is, and doesn't hold back. If she's have a tough day, we know. I respect her honesty and her can-do attitude of getting out there and running, biking, and now swimming.

Marcy: Wow! I can always expect to see Marcy's blog, or a reply to someone else's blog, and crack a smile. I love and respect how humble Marcy is. She's smokin' fast on her runs, and always downplays it, like those 8 min miles in the middle or end of a 12-miler is just a stroll. Very motivating!

Neese: Neese is a local gal, and unfortunately we haven't met yet. She just goes out when she wants to and runs, and seems to just enjoy it. She's seems so busy with her life, and always has something positive to say about her runs. It shows too! Her support crew is huge and I can see why!

Nikki: Nikki is a hoot. She's fun to blog with and is a very supportive blogger to all her pals. I love reading what she has to say. She just recently went through a running rut, and came out of it in what seems stronger! Her blog entries and replys makes me laugh out loud, at work.

Robin: Since meeting Robin, we've had some very fun times together, and I've picked her brain so much on running. Hearing about her adventure in the her 50k recently, shows ANYONE that no matter how much you hit rock bottom, you can not only get out of it, but you can excel. Her and Scott have been good to us, and even though we don't get to spend as much time together with them as we like (we have a toddler that prevents a lot of that), we consider them good friends!

Rox: Rox is my cousin's wife and we've been a part of each other's lives for a long time now. We don't get to spend much time together, but she is a special person in my life. She's such a sweet person and anytime you're around her, you're laughing and having fun! She can also do some of the best SNL impersonation's!

Stacy: Stacy has been so busy with life lately, moving, switching jobs, planning weddings, etc, etc. But, seems to find the time to throw in a run and looks to enjoy it!

Sunshine: Sunshine is such a sweet gal and an extremely encouraging blogger. She seems like one of those girls that gets along with everyone, just because she's so nice.

Tiffany: Tiffany's blog is another one that will make you crack up. I swear sometimes I think she's on "something", cause she seems so dog-on happy all the time, even with her traveling around hectic life. I don't know if I could keep up that good of a spirit, but she does. And, with all this traveling - she's still training for Chicago! Tiff lives where David and I met, and am hoping to meet up with her this summer over a cuban stogie and a fine glass o' wine!

Well, YEA LONG post - I know. Anyway, Our family had a wonderful weekend together and just didn't do much of anything. Now, it's back to busy week: Ramping up more at work, final exam this week, 4 runs, 1 cycling session, 2 swims, 1 core workout, 2 ballgames to volunteer at, 1 tri-clinic cylcling class, and a 2.5 yr old toddler... Guess that says it all.


Wes said...

Glad to see it's coming back around for ya! Do you guys have stock in that wine bar? LOL. I guess you guys have learned what it "takes" to unwind eh? Nice run!!

Mom tried decaf once said...

I am so glad to hear that the run went well!! The loop sounds awesome! Before you know it you will be swinging around that loop 5 times!

Thanks for the shout out! I love this community that we have! :>)

Lori said...

Awesome job on the 12 mile run! You are one crazy busy lady! I am worn out just reading all you have on your plate for the coming week!

Neese said...

12 miles look at you, that's excellent, and to have past the half way point near home COULD have been tempting to stop but you went on, good job. and awwwwwww on the girl blogger shout out ~ XO!!!

Marcy said...

Awwwhhh your so sweet!! Thanks!! :-*

I'm SO happy the run went well!!! ;D ;D It's about time running gave you some love!! Do you just use the beans? How they work for you? The GU works well for me, I just hate how sticky it is :-/ I agree with Lisa!! Before you know it you'll be doing the loop 5 times LOL!! AWESOME JOB!!!!

Hope you had some fun at the Wine Bar!! You deserve a little relaxation at the very least!!

Unknown said...

That whole "work" thing you speak of just keeps getting in the way of your well planned workouts. You need to get on them about more interuptions. ;-)

Great job on the 12 miler.

Jess said...

Thanks for including me! I feel so *special*! And again, am going through rough patch -- seems to be a cycle -- so your post and comment helped me today, so thanks!

Gotta Run..... said...

How sweet to be included in your list! I feel very SPECIAL!! Scott and I think you guys are just great. Hate we are not neighbors any longer but at least we still get together. Grace is a sweetie!!

You have one packed week but I know you can tackle it with no problem. No need or time for sleep for you :).

Tiffany said...

HOLLA!!! Thanks for the shout out! I have been lackluster in my blogging since being back from vacation... miss reading about yall!