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So, I DID ice my shins last night. Grace and David went to play outside, while I sat on the couch - leg propped up with a bag of Stouffer's pasta, not ice, resting on my legs. It felt better, way better, but not fully healed today on my AM run.

Yesterday, I fully convinced myself to get up and run this morning. Now, I didn't tell David 'I'm going to get up and run tomorrow" because, he would've said "yeah, right", rightfully so - I can't tell you all how many times I've said that lately and hit snooze as soon as it went off. I did say I'm gonna try. I even planned it last night, by getting into bed earlier that I usually do. All this talk of AM runs made me guilty. So, I set a clock up in the bathroom that is SOOO loud for 5:50, and I set my clock on the nightstand up for 6:00. My clothes were also in the bathroom. I was out the door after 8 oz of water, and half a pack of energy beans.

Tempo Run - 6 miles (57:51)
1.5 Warm-up Jog (10:25 avg pace)
3.0 tempo (9:31 avg pace)
1.5 cool-down jog (9:10 avg pace)

I'm liking this tempo stuff, even though it makes me feel like crap during the run. So, I started out at a nice easy pace for the first 1.5, which is okay because I have to cross a lot of entrances to coffee shops, freeway, etc, on the way to my 3 mile stretch. Right at 1.5, I hit a road called Holland which passes the elementary, and middle school, but it's nice because you can pretty much run on the road (it's 4 lanes across), and avoid the sidewalk all the way down to the turn around. Robin and David know this road pretty well, as they've ran it many times. It's sloping all the way down pretty much. You get to the turn around and you have 1.5 up a gradual climb. It's really not that bad at all as you get used to it. So, I had no idea what pace I wanted for the 3 miles of tempo. It's hard to judge, due to a pretty much empty stomach, I'm running in the AM (not used to it), but the weather was MUCH nicer. So, I just pushed it harder than I usually do. I did have to stop to take a breather several times. I just have a hard time catching my breathe. But, overall when I returned I looked at my average pace and was pleased. (9:38pace / 6 miles). This is an improvement, as I looked back and the saw the closest was a 9:49pace for 6 miles.

Funny thing is, is that my average pace for my cooldown 1.5 was 9:10, which was better pace than my tempo and honestly it didn't feel hard at all. Maybe after my legs were warmed up, I just got into a groove. This does show me that my tempo wasn't where it should have been, pace wise, if my return leg was faster. I will just have to work on that.

So, here are my totals for the month: Not too bad, considering I'm not in training.
Run = 48.3 miles
Swim = 8400 yds (12 sessions)
Bike = 9.56 miles stationary (wow - A LOT right? j/k - I will be riding more soon)
Strength training = 3 sessions
Core (30min) = 3 sessions

Mid-Jun is when I begin Marathon training, so more running and less strength training. I'll do more core work, and up the mileage on the bike a little. My swimming won't be as much yards, due to I won't be taking any swim lessons.

I was thinking of going to the gym today at lunch and ride the bike for 45 min, but my legs are sore and I am going to listen to my body. I have a scheduled rest day tomorrow, and think I will take it easy the remainder of the day. Maybe I can even talk Hubby into eating at our favorite Thai restaurant today??? :-) He has a brick this afternoon, so he could use the Thai fuel, right?

Have a happy Thursday, blogging buddies.... The weekend is ALMOST here, which also means a few of you have RACES!!! :-)


Wes said...

Nice run! Way to get up and get'er done. I'm not a morning peep either.

David said...

I, on the other hand, feel absolutely no guilt from all the insane morning run talk.

Awesome job! I know you have a speed demon in there trying to get out, and this run shows it.

Gotta Run..... said...

YES... another a.m. runner joins all of us nuts out there to run in the middle of the night. It is nice isn't is. You must admit that you have the roads to yourself.

David is a wimp :).

Great totals for the month!! Give yourself a hand!!

Sorry i could not talk longer on the phone. Lots of compnay here today.

Marcy said...

Ok, so the question of the day is . . . what do you do with he bag of Stouffer's pasta after you're done using it as ice? LOL Do you throw it out? Stick it back in the freezer and eat it later? Or just keep reusing it as "ice" for the shins?

ROFLMAO!! I guess you really don't like getting up in the morning LOL. 2 alarm clocks and the clothes set up in the bathroom! Whatever will get you through, right?

Those are some pretty sweet stats, especially for not training!! GREAT job!!! ;D Awesome job on the run too!! Nice hack off the old pace time!! :)

Jess said...

Mmmmm...Thai. I love Thai, but my husband is not crazy for it -- poo on him!

Good work with your 6 miles, and congrats on getting up and getting it done early! Goodness, I am not a morning person, and my husband NEVER believes me when I say I'm going to get up early and run.

Jason The Running Man said...

Good job getting up and running. Thai food....man does that sound yummy...I could go for some Panang(sp?) chicken! Great job in May! Here comes marathon training!

Unknown said...

Great job with the tempo run. Funny how when we relax, sometimes we end up running even faster without trying.

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Great running times...you are so dedicated.
I will wait for the answer to Marcy's question too. I've been tempted to ice with a bag of corn but wasn't sure what to do with it afterwards.
Good luck with your marathon training too.

Mendy said...

For Marcy and Randy -
We'll end up eating the pasta, I think. I put a towel in between the bag and my leg, and I don't leave it out of the freezer for long. I don't think it's a problem, ehhh.?

Marcy - you are correct!! 2 clocks and clothes already ready - it's finally what got me out of bed for a morning run!

David said...

Marcy, it's the closest I'm likely to get to eating food off of Mendy. *sigh*

teacherwoman said...

I have been running a year now...and haven't attempted the Tempo Run. To be honest, I didn't quite understand how it actually worked ... until a while ago. I should try it sometime...hmm..

Nice job. Take care of those shins though!