My fitness assessment

My husband and I joined the YMCA about a month ago. Last night, we met with our wellness coach (in the same session) and Christine did some assessments on us to determine bodyfat and fitness levels. Here is my true, but embarrassing report.
Overall, I did okay. Taken out of the report, I received. "A score of 40th percentile ranking means that 60% of the population of the same age/gender scored higher, while 39% scored lower".

My average fitness test performance was 77/100.

For the good!
Cardiovascular tests including a resting HR (58bpm) scored 89 while my step test scored a 67.

Musculoskeletal Tests were bench press reps scoring 77 and my half situp was scored at a 99 (Woohoo!). I LOVE core.

Flexibility tests, I scored a 90.

For the bad!
My body composition (which I know I need to loose weight) was measured at 44 with a 26.70% skinfold test. So, it's recommending me to loose at least 2% bodyfat. I am okay with this because it's been a part of my plan anyway. It's just depressing to see it all in writing.
Also, my Blood pressure was a bit on the high side, so I'll be watching it more closely.

This was important to me to see where I stood on the fitness and even weight side of the scale (no pun intended). I look forward to improving all my scores by the next assessment in 12 wks.

My husband kicked it out of the park - all categories he beat me, except the half sit-ups! He also had a 10.3% bodyfat. He's trimmed down a lot lately, not that I think he needed to.

If you belong to a YMCA, or gym that does this, I highly recommend it!

I had a lunch hill repeat run scheduled, but it is POURING. So, I will do it tomorrow, which is okay cause I'm doing a spinning class tonight too!

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teacherwoman said...

Hey, it looks like there were more good than bad in that test! I would love to have that sort of test done and have been meaning to check with the wellness center to see how much something would possibly cost! I will have to look into it further.