shape up the nation

As mentioned previously, our company is participating in Shape up the nation. We have some competitive teams, and our team seems to be holding their own. I did really well for the week. I’ve come to learn that I need serious discipline when it comes to eating healthy/training. I either have to have peer pressure or an upcoming race. Fortunately, this time I have both. Several races are on my calendar (which BTW needs to be updated, I see). And, as a certified fitness instructor in the Navy, I feel the need to always set the example. To top that off, my team views me as a workout aholic (even though I'm not), so I feel the same need to set the example.

With that said, my week 1 was fantastic! We have 12 weeks of this challenge and by the end of it, I WILL be in the size jeans I want to be, and I will be FIT. How ‘bout dat? I mentioned that the challenge is based on steps per week, lbs lost, and hrs workout. So, here's the scoop.

Stats – (Monday 14 – Sunday 20)
Steps – 99,239
Lbs lost – 4.8 lbs
Hrs workout – 8 hrs 3 min 30 sec (Yes, I can be that detailed)

I mentioned in my last post of how I was going to swim 5 days in a row, to try to get my body swimming decently through fatigue and to try to improve my pace. I’ve been stuck at the same pace for quite a while and just want to see some adjustment. To give you an idea, here’s how my week of swimming was. I did 1500yds each day. It was 4.2 miles for the week. Yah for me! I didn't think I'd finish the week off, honestly.

Mon – 2:20s/100yds
Tues – 2:16s/100yds
Wed – 2:17s/100yds
Thur – 2:16s/100yds
Fri – 2:16s/100yds

See, 3 days out of 5 – I was exactly on 2:16s/100. I can say this about my swimming, it’s pretty consistent – just not fast I hope I see some improvement on tomorrow’s swim.

I also ran a few times, got on the elliptical, some yoga and some core, and rode some. I did 21 miles at Donaldson Center sat morning, and I could have easily done another 21 miles but time was of a constraint. Grace had to get her pics taken.

This week is bike focus. I will do another 5 days in a row, and the least amount will be 10 miles. I may have to succumb to the trainer tonight, though. Yuck… but it’s gotta be done.

I have an appt on Wed with a sports massage place to have my shins looked at. I was told to not run over the weekend, so I did an hr elliptical.

I'm thinking of joining all you crazies out there on that Push-Up challenge. I'll take a look at the site tonight and figure out when to start. Tomorrow might work. It will definately benefit me, since I have to do Push-ups in my Navy Fitness test. That is by far, the worst part of it for me anyhow. So, some extra work on them will do me good.

Happy Birthday, Chris L.!!!!!
(friend of mine - don't know if he reads my nonsense on here, but his wife and good friend, Jennifer does).

Here's a few of the little devil's princess's pics from the weekend!

This one, we got in Black and White.

That's it for now - I'm taking off from work. Have a great Monday!


Marcy said...

Ooooohhh Mendy you know you want to join the Push Up Challenge!! Shiz, no one is worse than me ROFLMAO!

How cute are those pics of Grace! When I first looked at them I thought "Wow, they had a photog come out to the beach?" ROFLMAO! They're REALLY GOOD!

teacherwoman said...

Your swimming looks great! You should be very proud of it!

Your little one looks as if she has grown so much this summer already. Her hair is getting longer and she just looks older! Very precious!

Jess said...

Good job on week one of your challenge!

Grace is a cutie, as always!

Chris said...

Hey Mendy, CONGRATS on your first week of getting FIT. You rock! I'm one of those as well who benefits from peer pressure or a looming goal, etc to stay motivated when it comes it weight loss. I saw this saying written on a lady's whiteboard in my office.

"Nothing tastes as good as being thin and healthy feels"

Grace is a cutie and will, no doubt, be "trouble" when the boys start calling. :-) I know the feeling. I'm already saving up shotgun shells.

Lily on the Road said...

Oh those pictures are adorable!!!

Whatta cutie!!!!

Kevin said...

It'll be interesting to see how these single sport focused weeks work out for you. It sounds like your swim has already seen the benefit.

Grace is such a cutie

Viv said...

Mendy I have no doubt you will be soon rocking those skinny jeans, chickie. you are determined! Sometimes no race on the horizon let's you really focus on taking the weight off for me anyhow. Maybe it is the change of workouts..who knows!
The princess is just precious!! Love the new look around here too.

Gotta Run..... said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Hot jeans in no time!!

Way to hit the workout. very impressed.

J~Mom said...

Looking great girl!!!! You are doing awesome!!

Love those pictures!! They are way too sweet!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

LOVE THE BLOG TEMPLATE UPDATE!!! must be the thing to do!!

Grace's pics are SOOOoooooo beautiful & cute & FUN!!!

"Stats – (Monday 14 – Sunday 20)
Steps – 99,239
Lbs lost – 4.8 lbs
Hrs workout – 8 hrs 3 min 30 sec (Yes, I can be that detailed)"

I think I gained that looking a cake on Sunday! lol
you can see it in your face--I was gonna tell you that, but I can always tell weight gain by my face & you can see a loss in yours (POM showed hers a month or so ago)


John J. Kaiser said...

Congrats on the pounds lost.

Tiffany said...

HEY!! I am so upset- I just saw your message about you coming to Charleston and I will be GONE this weekend! My niece in Kentucky is turning one this weekend so we are heading up there to celebrate the festivities.

AUGH! Wish I was gonna be here!!!