Week low-down

Happy Friday!!

First off, I want to say congrats to our friends from Church, Tommy and Lenna for baby #2 today. It was scheduled this morning and little Reeves (4yr old) welcomed baby brother, Levi. He was a big boy - 9lbs 9oz. Congrats!

It seems like we're busy, but I suppose we're not that busy. Well, as much as I used to be while in school. I just haven't had much time to read/write blogs. So, here I am wanting to catch up with you all.

I mentioned that I got the wii and my wii fit came in the other day. That sucka said I'm overweight. Of course, I know that - but it sucks to hear it from a skinny chic on the TV telling me. But, more on that later.... I like it so far, but haven't explored it entirely yet. We rented the Diego game from blockbuster for Grace. She likes it, so we may end up buying her one.

I did the CT group ride last week and it went superb. I was in the C group that later became the C+ group, aka "slow"
peeps. There were too many people in the group to begin with and we just split off. Since it was my first group ride, I just hung somewhere in the back for most of the 30ish mile ride. If David doesn't do a last minute tri tomorrow, my friend, Denine and I will go together to do the group ride.

I've had issues with my seat lately, just not feeling comfortable and hurting my girly region after a long time sitting on it. I can't seem to get down in aero for that long while riding the trainer without hurting. So, a girl I work with is on the local ladies cycling team and she hooked me up with 2 of her older seats to at least try out. I think they are made more for the ladies, versus the one I have on my bike, which David had bought for himself but it didn't work out. So, I may be switching that seat out tonight. I did 2 rides the other day on the trainer (35min each - 1 at lunch, 1 at 9pm) and was just very uncomfortable.

Swimming is going okay and my running is suffering. I think I'm just not used to the heat yet. I've trimmed my workouts down to 2 days a week each discipline. Honestly, ya'll as much as you all say I seem to fit it all in, I feel like I've been hit with a brick lately. I need to tone it down a notch so I can breathe a little. With working til 5 daily, a toddler that I want to spend time with, husband training for longer distances, Church obligations, getting our place ready to put on the market etc, etc, I just didn't see how I could do 3 workouts a week/each discipline for the next 20 wks. So, I've switched my plan up and now training for the Oly Aug 2. This will be my A race! All others are just for prep and fun...

I've joined 2 weightloss challenges for the month of June (along with Lisa). One is on BT and the other is Viv/Pokey's challenge. I'm excited! I know I can do it. And I know many of you are shaking your heads for the fact that I've been on here a dozen times talking about my weight. I just know that my weight is limiting my ability to speed up on anything I do and I want to improve! Overall, I'm fit, and I know that, but this is something I NEED to do for Me. Lisa's already talking smack and making it a friendly challenge with me at BT. :-) On both challenges, I think it's based on percentage. It starts Sunday!

Go to Viv's blog if you're interested!

To all the product Ho's out there - (P.O.M and Tayrn first come to mind),I need a new straightening iron. I have rough thick curly hair and I like to straighten it to lighten it up some, cause it's so heavy sometimes. And, I like how it makes me look younger too. :-) I had the Sedu which is a good iron, Fo sho. But, the plug I think decided to croak and it won't turn on anymore, so I just don't want to buy another Sedu. It sucks cause I don't want to drop another Franklin bill + some on one, but if I have to - I will. I am leaning towards the T3 Tourmaline because it also has the wet-to-dry feature. Those of you that straighten your thick hair - would love to hear your opinion.

Alrighty now, I think that's all folks. Time for the weekend!!! Well, after 6 more hrs of work. I have an hr swim tonight - Blah. I should be able to get in 2800yds. That's a LOT of counting.

A few pics...

Grace and friend, Maddi last friday night. Grace ADORES her. They had their first sleepover last weekend.

If anyone is interested in seeing how I looked as a kid, this is it! summer dress, stringy hair hanging all over the place. One thing is different though - I never wore shoes as a kid - just didn't like them.

Our princess Grace - trying out her new princess dress she will be wearing to a birthday tea party next month. She puts that thing on daily now.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend ya'll!


Wes said...

I hear you on protecting the lady parts :-) I just got an ISM seat for my bike, but I can't figure out how to put it on :-) I'm going to IM David now and ask him what tool to use. My man parts are begging for some relief!! LOL!!!!

I'm glad you are having fun with the group ride. I need to group ride someday too. The Silver Comet trail just ain't the same ;-)

Kevin said...

Two days a week should be fine for an Oly. I agree that that peep on the wii fit can be kinda annoying. Especially if you have get on after going up in weight and it asks you stupid questions

Marcy said...

I wouldn't take too much stock in the BMI feature on the Wii, chica. It doesn't take into account muscular peeps, KWIM? I even threw Cam up there for the hell of it and she's on the way high end of "normal" BMI ROFLMAO!

I'll have to check out the Diego game for the kiddies. I think it would be more their speed LOL

Cutie pics!! She really IS a mini you! hehe

Marathoner in Training said...

You will do wonderful on your weight loss challanges. I am signed up for one with Lifetime Fitness. Keep up the great work. Grace looks to be having such a good time. I know where she gets her looks from, it is not David.

Gotta Run..... said...

Congrats on your CT ride!! I must admit I like the Greenville Spinners ride a bit better. They really seperate the pace groups well.

You have been a busy bee but it sounds like you are holding it all together.

Sorry I missed you last night. Great night for a run!!

weightloss challenges... you will do great!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Jess said...

Th Wii Fit weighs you? Oh, I don't want it now.

Eric said...

Look at that precious pumpkin-pie! She IS a little princess! Good luck with the seat thing...I can only imagine the issues! Hope to see you guys early in the morning! :-)

Unknown said...

Just love the pictures.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

He was a big boy - 9lbs 9oz.
whew that was a biggie size -lol

I love the Wii Tennis, and Yes I got the SMOKE Serve down ;-)

and wow Grace is such a mini you, if you didn't say anything I would have thought it was a pic of her!

Have a great weekend!

Brian said...

I'm a man with a wife and two girls, my whole life is a prince dress. I love it all, but I had no idea about all the dresses and color matching and the other stuff that goes with being a girl, but when I see my kids dressed up its all good. But then I got to go talk sports and try to go jump something on my bike.

Chris said...

"ditto" on the seat. It can make all the difference between an enjoyable ride and trial of torture. I bought a new saddle at the start of this season and I hve to say honestly that the jury is still out on it. Sometimes I'm good with it and sometimes I hate it....
As far as the runnign goes, the heat seems to have a suctioning effect on my "giddy up" drive for workouts. I'm slowly tying to move my workouts to the am hours but it really has been a struggle for me lately with the job change and travel. I have noticed a higher HR during my run workouts with the coming summer temps.

this may be a stupid question but what is "wii fit "?

J~Mom said...

Oh! oh! My seat is sooo comfy!!! I love it! I have been so amazed that I have had very little saddle issues since the beginning. I will get a little sore after a super long ride but hardly anything really. It's a specialized saddle and I can tell you more if you want!

Oohhhh we are SOOOO getting some weight off this month! It's on like the kong girl!

Sorry I missed your call! Tonight was Jacob's birthday party with his friends and I have been running around like crazy getting ready.

Glad you got the card! :>D

Unknown said...

I'm travelling and only have a moment to comment about the seat issue, but I definately hear you on that! It took quite a bit of trial and error for me to find the seat that worked best for me. The one I like the best is Serfa Rx for women - a friend of mine has it as well and is the one who pointed me that way. It's not a "performance saddle", but I figure if it's not comfortable enough to tolerate, what's the point?!?! I hope you find something that works for you.

I'm also interested in finding out how you like Wii Fit. Be sure to let us know what you think of it!

Lily on the Road said...

Little Ms. Sweetpea looks so darling in her Summer Tea dress.

I'm with you for the weight loss....

Erin Leigh said...

So happy I came on here this morning. Forgot about the weight thing and so wanted to do that with everyone!!!!

I am with you with the coarse, thick, curly hair so let me know with the straightening iron and products. I don't ever have much luck as far as that goes.

Grace is so cute. Kaleigh would love her, not only does she ride a scooter, she is a princess too ;)

teacherwoman said...

I have naturally curly hair as well and when I have straightened it, I use a combination of the blow dryer and my Remington Wet2Dry flat iron... I like it.

I am with you on Viv's weightloss challenge! SHOULD BE FUN!

Love the pics!

Neese said...

aw Grace looks like she has her own lil' Segway there! I'm not following the Viv challenge but my co-workers are doing this weight loss thing I've put myself down for 12 lbs. AGH. I started today, it's hard, put hopefully it'll pay off in 1. feeling better about myself and 2. maybe running easier without having to haul my a**. lol Miss ya Mendy! Want to go see Sex and the City on Wedbnesday a few of my girlfriends are going, you are more than welcome to meet us! it's at CD 6:25 let me know!

Viv said...

Man, that was a bug baby boy!

I am sure you are super busy, so the 2X/week is a better fit when you work and juggle sooo much. I am excited for you to do an Oly..yaa!

Thanks for the WL plug. Just got another sponsor 6 pairs Wigwam Iron Pro socks. whoohoo!
Good luck, I know you will do great.
Grace is getting bigger in fornt of my blogging eyes! Such a precious cutie!

I am a big fan of the Chi iron. It works great!

Viv said...

Oh yea hope the new seat work better for you. I have the Terry and it has a cut out for special parts. Keeps it as comfortable as possibe.

P.O.M. said...

Man - I wish they had those princess dresses when we were kids! I had home-made ones. ha ha.

Regarding the iron, I actually have a cheap conair one and I love it. I have used my sister's T3 and it's awesome too. I just hope my cheapy lasts long since it's been my favorite. I think it's more about the product though. Let me know what you get and if you like it.

Last - good luck on the challenge!!

Michelle said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Love Grace's pics! Geez, she looks so much like you! :-)

Chris said...

How's the weight loss challenge going? Are you all using the same program? I need some help myself..

rxervin said...

Princess Grace is adorable!

Love you!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Flat iron left my hair to dry. . . .I round brush it with a big brush (to get it the straightest). . . .I pull from above ears all the way around into a ponytail & do what's left down, then I do like 2 more inches up the side of my head the same way until I have the crown of my head & then i do that . . .basically into 4 sections.....it takes 10-20 minutes depending on length of my hair & wetness....let it air dry some if you can....then i use either BedHead in a pink think that' looks like a woman’s toy with a large round top OR I use Sebastian Laminates (like the size of my pinky) & Sebastian Shaper Plus aerosol---just a quick all over spray , then i quickly use my hands to adjust the hair....

sounds like a lot, but my hair (ends) last about 6 weeks longer than using the flat iron once a week, if I round-brush-dry it 3 times a week (how often I wash my hair). . .total time this morning with soaking wet hair (mine is part straight, part wavy, part crimpy-ish, part super curly----all changed to crazy hair after last pregnancy---before it was straight & wavy). Anyway- - -total hair time 15 minutes

OH & the steam you see coming out of your hair from using the hairdryer on HOT, is just product, not actually STEAM..I’ve asked like 4 hair people
*Oh, before I jsut dryed it upside down & used one size big hot rollers all over my head; takes about 3 minutes with them in your hair to pull out the 'natural' curl, even if its been blow dryed...makes it feel thinner, just like round-brushing. . . any hairdresser will take the time to show you how to do it....seriously & now you have lots of arm muscle, so it shouldn't be to bad :o)


Paul said...

So what's up with you and David? Haven't heard much from either of you in a while! Hope all is well.