"Hot" date at the track...

...literally - it was HOT out there today (and) I met my hunky hot hubby out at the track for some speed work.

So, today when we woke up, neither of us knew what to do during lunch for our workouts, since we aren't on "official" plans. We decided to meet at the track for lunch. And, boy was it a hot lunch, or so it seemed out there. My plan was 2x800, 4x400. After the 2nd 400m, I contemplated "well, I've done a lot already - I'm done". Then, my speedy husband ran by me (whom completed 2x800, 4x400, 2x200), and it was on. I HAD to complete what I set out to do regardless of not having a "Plan", besides David being there pushing himself and I thought about Marcy's thoughts that went on her head the other day on a run - it all helped me keep on keeping on. So, yeah... thanks... guys... (sarcasm is hard to show on a blog).

Anyway - stats:
.51 mi warm-up = 4:42 (9:13/mi)
2x800 = 3:37 (7:15/mi) & 3:48 (7:22/mi)
4x400 = 1:44 (6:54/mi), 1:45 (7:07/mi), 1:41 (6:50/mi), 1:45 (6:57/mi)
400m cooldown = 2:33 (10:18/mi)
We then walked a little bit, as we didn't have ANY energy left at all.

Overall, great track work as I improved from 2 wks when I was last at the track. Nice!!! I was telling David after it was over, that it sucked. I know it's good for me, and really - I do enjoy the feeling afterwards, because it's pushing me hard, and knowing that I'm trying to improve my overall aerobic ability for speed work, I'll keep on doing it (and cursing the track all the way back to work).

This afternoon, I had my last appt for my calf and he even worked on my shins, that hurt a LOT. Anyway, gotta ice them tonight. I don't need an injury now, so I will be babying my legs - afterall they'll be getting me to 26.2, they need it!

So, stupid me decided to go swim some laps this afternoon. As if I didn't need anything else today after that track session. But, I didn't listen to myself. After I got out of the pool, I realized just how slow I was, but still glad I did it.
850yds (30:38)

Tomorrow is weigh-in day for me and I'm expecting at least a 2lb difference from last week. Hoping so!!! One week at a time, right...


David said...

Did you say ice cream? Okay!

Mendy at one point asked why we do it, and I replied, "So we can go eat Mexican food. Pretty expensive meal!" Yep.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO David!!!

You GO!!! Heat is killer!! Did you see any old men with sweaty shorts (among other things :-X ) and then you felt like a pansy so that's why you had to get back out there? :P LOL JK!! You did GREAT especially considering the heat!! I'm honored that you thought of me. Most people drown out my incessant whining LOL

Good job on the swim too!! And BEST of luck on the weigh in!! You'll do great!! ;D ;D

Wes said...

I don't care whether its the same day or the day after, but ain't nothing like a good swim workout after a run. It just chases all that lactic acid out of your system. Let's not forget the mental payoffs for this hard work. Keep banking it Mendy.

J~Mom said...

Great job on the track work. You are looking mighty speedy!! I will be checking back for your weigh-in results!!! Good luck and come on two pounds!

Gotta Run..... said...

Man it is hot out there to do a track worlout. Great job finishing it. You are one focused girl.

So did the scale show you good results. I am sure it did.

Jess said...

Good job pushing yourself so hard, and good luck with weigh in tomorrow!

I too am going to be runnign Chicago in '07 -- see you there!