Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi. I just had to share that I have, so far, had a great V-Day. I didn't expect anything from my husband today, other than us going out to dinner tonight. I even told him last night that I didn't need any gifts. I really don't... However, he had other plans. I got a call at my desk from the security desk downstairs to come down there. I got down there and was handing a bag of Hershey kisses and one of M&M's (they both are my favorite), with a card. I then saw a vase of beautiful roses. To top it off, I saw David standing just outside of the front door. It was a nice surprise! We're going somewhere to dinner with friends, of which I have no idea where! I'm looking forward to it.

Happy Valentine's Day


Jason The Running Man said...

what a nice husband!

David said...

Wow, sounds like you are an extremely lucky lady to have such a good, loving, handsome, athletic, devoted, loyal, strong, and (did I mention?) good looking husband. Congratulations on landing that catch!