American Idol - 2/27 recap

Last night on American Idol, Chris was fantastic. Our Church all got together to watch the show and show our support. Fox affiliates from Greenville and Atlanta were both there and were interviewing, taking videos of various people during commercials. Also, during the commercials, our sound team would play Chris's bands album "Take a chance on something beautiful" in the background. All the kids, and some of the adults were all wearing afro wigs. If you would have walked in, and not know what was going on, then you might have thought you walked into a "cult" event. Anyway, it was a nice evening. We didn't stay too long after Chris sang because our little Grace was getting tired - so, that means she was winding up.

Keep up the good job Chris. Note to Chris Surratt: If you see this - we had a great time and thanks for opening the Church up to watch the show.

Here are the links to Fox affiliates that were at Seacoast last night. - Scroll to the videos, and choose "Idol" contestant Chris Slight wows judges, upstate

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teacherwoman said...

I didn't get to watch American Idol last night due to having night class until 10pm, but I plan to watch the recap and results tonight!