little of this, little of that

I've had a few rough days lately. Yesterday morning at work, I received a phone call that my uncle died. Although, we've been expecting this, it's still very sad. He was very young, and had been on machines that keep him alive for the last year. He's at peace now, and I will miss him. My father then called me really upset (this is his brother), and the call plummeted downhill fast with him. I left work abruptly to go calm down.

Thank goodness yesterday was a rest day, because I didn't feel like doing much. After dinner with my family, I had a good girlfriend from Church call me and ask if I wanted to go get a cup of coffee. It was what I needed, and we just talked, not much about my uncle or my crazy family, just talked about stuff. We had a nice time, and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

I didn't sleep well at all last night, and had hoped to get up for my 5 mile run, but I hit snooze. Today, a swim was scheduled too. 25 min in the pool. I went to the pool at lunch, and 250yds into it, I was stumped. I felt claustrophobic, took in too much water, and just sloppy swimming. So much so, I almost gave up and left. But, I kept going, and completed my swim, but not without feeling like crap and just really tired.

1000 yds

After getting back to work, I was feeling a little dizzy, and just not right, and extremely tired. It continued on into the late afternoon. I mentioned not feeling well to David, and he said he wasn't either.

So, surprise. We both have the scratchy voice, and just exhausted feeling. I have no energy. We stayed home tonight from Church group to rest, and we did nothing. At all.

Hope everyone else is doing well out there.

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